Dec 12, 2009

Christmas Craft Project

It started as a cardboard box from Sam's Club (our warehouse food club), then at 11:00 pm a few nights ago, I saw the box transformed in my mind. I passed my late night vision to my sweet helpful Knight.

My Knight went into his workroom prior to us going to bed, to spray paint those cardboard tags their first coat...yes, at 11:00 pm.

The next morning, bright and early~ the backside got a spray painting and by lunch time we were ready to begin our homeschool Christmas craft! The kids loved this simple recycle project.The stitches around the edge were made with a permanent black marker.
Words used:
Savior, Jesus, Lord,
Emmanuel, God
Love, Messiah,King
Hope, Peace, Light,
Faith, Joy, Christ, Mercy,
Grace, and Life.

We are very happy with the end results and everyone that has come to visit,says how sweet our tree looks. And as an added is a baby safe ornament!

Happy Homemaking!


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

That's awesome! Do you mind sharing what words are all used if there are others besides what show in the photos?

Beth said...

Neat! It looks beautiful...what an awesome reminder.

andrea said...

oh...they are so nice and baby proof too! very fitting for the season!

Renata said...

What a great idea! Very creative - I love the way it included your whole family!

Expat Mom said...

Perfect decorations! I love how nice and simple they are, yet they look so lovely on the tree. And yes, baby safe is good! We've already lost a number of our plastic balls to curious, playful little fingers, but our homemade ornaments just get rehung every day. :)

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