Dec 29, 2009

Christmas Morning Homemade from the Heart

Christmas was simple, the second year in a row. Last year we were almost ready to fly to Ethiopia to pick up our infant daughter. This year, we have cut back yet again, in order to bring home our near 11 year old daughter, who is eagerly waiting for us in Ethiopia.
Adoptions are expensive and it has made us rethink how we do Christmas gifts.
I only wish I dared to do Christmas simply years ago.
Mama sewed homemade stuffed toys. This year the fleece animal creations were stuffed with lavender. Surely they will be good sleeping buddies. Each little creature came into being as I cut and sewed; the final creations was even a surprise to me!
They will be tucked in with each child; as a reminder that they are loved.
Sweet dreams my darlings.

And sewing with fleece is so behaves nicely, it doesn't require pinning and I was able to make 7 in a weeks time!
Remind me next year to start earlier though...
as next year there will be 8 to create.
Soon all the fleece will be on sale, I'll scoop it up and tuck it away for next years army of little lavender creatures.


Saminda said...

Love this idea Kimmie, so so much. :) You are an inspiration and such a wonderful Mama!! xo

Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet friend,
Such perfect gifts. Such a beautiful reality to celebrate the pure joy of Christmas with homemade gifts sewn with momma's love. And one more precious princess will be home to snuggle in lavender.

Joyfully His,
Sarah Dawn

MommaMindy said...

You are sew creative! Even when we can afford presents, we still encourage the kids to make them because we want them to learn the art of creating something out of almost nothing. One year we drew names and each child had to make a present for the name they drew. You are giving them character lessons, along with your beautiful gifts.

"Indescribable" said...

I love your creations! They are all adorable.

Do you have a timeline for your princess?
I'm excited for you!

Renee said...

So SWEET! Our son drew patterns for our eldest dd to sew stuffed animals for the Littles this year for Christmas. So precious!

We do very simple Christmases too. They are filled with such JOY!

Merry Christmas and Praying your Sweetie home.

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful and cuddly idea! I am looking forward to 'meeting' your new little sweetheart.


Dardi said...

Adorable! & each one unique, just like your children!!

Julie said...

Your creations are so cute! What blessed children you have to have such a creative mama.

Merry Christmas!

Diane said...

Kimmie, those are absolutely adorable. Your creativity is so inspiring. I may have to try creating something like that! Your kids are precious as well!

Lord bless you!


Adina said...

We did simple this year to. Blessings!

Renata said...

What lovey little creatures. I love the way you use lavender in them - what a great idea!

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