Dec 30, 2009

Ethiopian Coffee...and Sleep

I wish I had a witty picture to share, ahem, but I don't.
I thought I'd share what my night looked like last night; due to 2 deliciously strong cups of Ethiopian coffee, that I indulged in too late in the day.
imagine if you will: 1:00 a.m.....
Kimmie laying in bed.
Trying to sleep.
Shutting her eyes.
Rolling about.
No sleep.
Not worrying, which is good.
With adoption many times I worry when instead I should be sleeping.
This night I moved it to the absolute ridiculous though.
As I lay there...I actually found myself asking myself,
"I wonder why they call it horseradish?"
Now if I had any horseradish, or had even thought of horseradish in the last days, weeks or years, this might have been explainable. But alas, no explanation. Lay there I did, pondering all the possibilities of what the reason could be.
Do you know; so I can move on to a new question for tonight.
Yes, I have problems and one of them is my LOVE for strong Ethiopian coffee. Especially when I am tired, bad I know.
But coffee is coursing through my veins,
thanks Papa, for passing your addiction on to me.


mom said...

Better not have any more of that stuff late in the day, Kimmie! YIKES! My goal is to cut back on my coffee consumption in the new year which I'm going to do step by step. Unfortunately the first step is going to plain black coffee and I haven't been able to give up that delectable spoon full of sugar with a large splash of milk mixed in :::sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

Charis said...

Mmmm.. I suppose I am lucky that coffee late in the day does not cause me to lose sleep because I would have a huge problem! I love coffee in the middle of the day :)

Duckygirl said...

Well, this just made me curious too, so I googled it. The wikipedia said, "In Europe the common version is that it refers to the old method of processing the root called "hoofing". Horses were used to stamp the root tender before grating it.

Now we can both sleep better long as you stay away from the coffee :)


"Indescribable" said...

2 things to say:
1. Where did you get Ethiopian Coffee? (I LOVE THIS COFFEE and would have given up coffee if it weren't so good!)

2. Horseradish.... I love this too! You speak sweet words....

ok, more to say... what if there was horseradish coffee? (I would probably give up drinking coffee easily then!)

Gee, I hope your sleep better tonight. Sometimes a person needs that crazy exhaustion to help engage in a gooooood night's sleep!


The Red Thread Kids: said...

Hey Kimmie,

Hmmmm this could be one reason why I work nights. Thanks too, for coming by the blog ...and the entry you are talking about for Orphan Doll has actually been posted :)

Happy New Year to you and Your Family!

Love, Debrah

Saminda said...

Kimmie, you make me smile!! I don't know why they call it horseradish... but I too share your love of coffee. I've never tried Ethiopian but I bet it's fantastic! :) xo
Thank you for Saraya's beautiful card; what a sweet way to encourage her. :)

MommaMindy said...

Maybe you should start selling Ethiopian coffee to make money for your adoption so then we ALL could be wide awake at night thinking about horseradish. :)

Seriously, I would buy some if you were selling it...I am a shameless coffee addict, who is thankful the Lord moved her to the coffee capital of the US.

Julie said...

Oh Kimmie, I do this to myself also. To much caffeine in the evening and then I lay in bed frustrated I can't sleep. It is so maddening.

Praying you have sweet dreams tonight!

Kristen said...

Oh Kimmie,
What a laugh, I don't drink coffee, yet am often laying awake due to my arthritis problems. I am just so excited to find that there are other people who get fixated on the absurd like I do. And like DuckyGirl google is my friend for all things nutty. Wiki has an answer for everything.

Kimmie said...

Hi Maria;

It is from the stash we bought back from Ethiopia. But Starbuck's has two varieties (last time I checked) and I think the Co-op sells a variety of Ethiopian coffee too. I remember googling it after we got home from Ethiopia...a few online places sell it-but you'd have to pay shipping costs.

Hope all is well with you and your beautiful crew.


Kimmie said...

Oh...and thanks Laura. I looked, but didn't find anything as good as what your search found on horseradish!


Adina said...

Haha... we are enjoying the strong Guatemalan coffee where we are!

Renata said...

Kimmie - you make me laugh! It's always in the middle of the night that we think of the most ridiculous things! Did you get an answer to your question?

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