Dec 19, 2009

A Friend Jumps into Fund~raising!

My friend Angel , has kindly offered to help us raise funds for Princess Sweetness's adoption. We are so excited about another way to bring in the MUCH needed money;
so we can go to Ethiopia and get our girl!

Angel has just begun to sell Avon, as a way to raise money for her family's new home they are building. She graciously offered to share her profits with us, as she wants to come along side of us in this adoption! She will give us 50% of what she makes on her online store. Isn't that so sweet of her!

Please hop over and see if there isn't something that would be perfect for you or someone you love. And hey, please spread the word- we are praying so hard for the rest of the $20,000 to come in! Angel's shop is full of all kinds of sparkly, pretty things -have fun shopping!
And remember, it will help us get our daughter home from Ethiopia...she has been in an orphanage for 5 years too many already!

Thank you friends, so very very much!


Saminda said...

Hooray!! :) xo

Sunday said...


Praying your girl is home soon!
xo, Sunday and Elyse

Charis said...

I received your christmas card today. Thank you :)

Praying for your sweet family.

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