Dec 31, 2009

Looking at 365 Gifts

Catchy title no?
As I sat with my bible, the Holy Spirit began spilling this out into my heart
...for the coming year.

As I sat thinking, an acrostic poem began to form
(it doesn't happen often, but at times, God has spoken to me this way).

New Year Hope-
or 365 Days of Bending my Knee

N-Not knowing what tomorrow holds, nor even today; I will seek God first.

E- Everyday God has a plan and purpose for my life. I will listen carefully for His still small voice
W- Wonderful; I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have strengths and weaknesses that can be shaped, as I yield to His touch.

Y- "Yes Lord!" As Samuel was ready to serve when God called out to him in the night, so will I be ready. Serving others puts "me" last. Samuel was blessed by God, not only to hear his voice, but to see His favor.

E- expressing encouragement; I want to show the spirit of affirmation to my family, to my children and to those God puts in my path this year. (Encouragement means to put courage give strength to). Encouragement helps us reach our full potential.
A- All things are possible with God. I will remember that I am never alone. The Holy Spirit resides in me, He plugs me into God's Power for my life. His strength not mine for these 365 days ahead of me.
R- remember *real*; I am human, remember that trials will come. I will fail and find that discouragement wants to ride me, but remember two things:


H- Hearing; it means not only hearing but, listening with care.

O- Opportunities; The Holy Spirit will make more opportunities to use the gifts and talents given to me for His purposes. OH!!

P- Pursuit; passionate pursuit. Seeking Him and believing for more passion to run the race before me. Without passion the pursuit will not yield joy or growth.

E- Everyday; 365 new days, gifts to me from my loving Father...
to rejoice in and show Him and the world my grateful heart!
resolutions?..., just worship; He wants yours and mine,
want to join me in giving Him 365 gifts?


Adina said...

It seems so out of reach right now.

Saminda said...

I love all this Kimmie - so much! My favourite bit though is "to rejoice in and show Him and the world my grateful heart" - I'm writing that in my journal! xo

Beth said...

Great post Kimmie. Thank you for getting me thinking. :-) Happy New Year to you! May you be blessed in 2010!

"Indescribable" said...

try this site for fund raising - got this idea from someone else's comment on your last post!

Renata said...

Wonderful post Kimmie! Each & every day of my life is the Lords also! I hope you have a richly blessed year in 2010 - with a new family member!!!

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