Dec 4, 2009

A Nursery Rhyme Changed Up!

The Old Nursery Rhyme

This Little Piggie (a baby toe game)

This little piggie went to market;
This little piggie stayed home,
This little piggie ate roast beef,
This little piggie had none,

And this little piggie,
This little piggie went wee-wee-wee,
All the way home!

My version for my first six childen-
*prior to adopting from Ethiopia*

This little piggie went to market;
This little piggie stayed home,
This little piggie ate tofu,
This little piggie had none,

This little piggie~this little piggie,
Went wee-wee-wee
All the way home!
(mama is a vegetarian ;-)

My New and Improved Ethiopian Version...

This ten~nish (little) a~sa~ma (pig) went to Ethiopia (whisper: Addis Ababa)
This ten~nish as~sa~ma stayed bet, (home)
This ten~nish a~sa~ma ate injera,
This ten~nish a~sa~ma had ma~nem, (none)

And this ten~nish a~sa~ma...this ten~nish a~sa~ma,
went a~ra, a~ra, a~ra, (oh!)
all the way bet! (home)

'God, I am so very thankful for change' is good!


Michelle said...

This little piggie ate tofu...So cute (and creative)! Change is good, isn't it? Adorable toes!!

Stephanie said...

So cute! Her little toes look just like Davis'!

missy said...

we do "this little piggy went to addis" and "this little piggy ate injera" too. :) so fun!

MommaMindy said...

The other day another Mom and I were talking about how funny it is that we say we love babies so much we could eat them up! I don't know about anybody else, but I think I definately wanted to kiss those little piggies. Thanks, Kimmie, for sharing the love with those of us that are little piggy deprived and just have the big, smelly kind in our homes. :)

Valerie said...

I love it!

I always sang to my kids "...this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy was a vegetarian" :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Kimmie
Thanks for your comment. That's wonderful news. I am so happy and excited for you.
Best Wishes

Renee said...

Oh funny! i am a vegetarian too and I always sing this little piggy had pizza. Tofu's definitely the healthier version.

I love your Amharic version. Too cute.

I sing one little two little Ethiopians instead of Indians. Fun, fun!

Renata said...

My kids love that rhyme & I like your new versions! It's wonderful that you are continuing to include your daughter's culture at home!

HouseOfSmooches said...

I adore little brown toes ;)

Robin said...

My version is like your second one. "This little piggy ate his vegetables." I'm a vegetarian, too.

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