Dec 11, 2009

Photo Editing for Adoption Fundraising!

Showing some possibilities with photo editing. The first picture depicts the original taken in low light and slightly blurred from the large lens opening.
Is there a picture I could work on for you? We really need to raise funds for our Ethiopian adoption. Email me or leave me a comment if you'd like me to edit a photo (or a few) for you.
*remember you get to pick the price (but please do remember that this does take my time...I enjoy doing it, but sometimes it is hours of editing to get it just right!)
...just add it to our pay-pal button. It will all go towards our Princess Sweetness's adoption from Ethiopia.
...your friend~Kimmie


mom said...

I'm excited to see you use your talents in such a neat and beneficial way, Kimmee. You go, girl!

Tammy ~@~

Saminda said...

What a wonderful idea Kimmie! You are so very clever. I'm going to talk to my husband tonight about sending you a couple of photos to do for us. :)
Much love,
Saminda xo

Renata said...

I think you are so very talented. What a great idea. If I find I have something I want edited I shall send it to you! Hope you have had lots of responses!
God bless
Renata :)

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