Dec 6, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Welcome friends to Prayer Request Sunday!
Hope your hearts and homes are filled with the Awe of the coming of our Savior's birth.
I'd love to pray for you this week. Leave me a love note and we will march together into God's presence with your need. He is waiting to hear from us, can you imagine that?
Have a wonderful 2nd Sunday of Advent...praying God's riches blessings are yours.


Karen said...

Please pray for the sibling of our boys. We had heard that their mother was due Nov. 20 but neither us nor the family that adopted their sister has heard from social services any information. So we are praying for the child's safety, whether yet unborn (with wrong due date given us) or living with the parents.

Rachel Meier said...

Oh sweet Kimmie, its been forever, I know you have given up on my blog. But just in the last week, some news has come to us about our agency that has sent me into major stress, but we are now seriously praying about adopting twin girls age 6 from Ethiopia, instead of the infants we had previously planned. Oh pray that God shows us what to do.

Julie said...

Please pray for my son in Haiti and that he comes home soon. He is two and I've been to see him once. I'm finding it a little hard sometimes to focus on the joy of this wondrous season. I miss him! Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it.

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