Dec 20, 2009

Prayer Request Sunday

Happy Sunday Friends~Welcome To Prayer Request Sunday!
Today is the day to give me your prayer concerns and together this week we can take them to the Lord! What can we pray about this week? Anything that you've been carrying...that you are ready to bring before the Lord. I'd be absolutely delighted to walk into the Throne Room with you and lay it before our Father.
Glad you stopped glad God has brought us together through this blog. I pray you have a wonderful rich celebration of our Lord and Saviour's birth. May your Christmas be Merry and may your heart's be Glad dear friends.
Thank you for being my friends, my life is richer because of you.
From My Heart:
And, if you think of my family
...would you pray for our daughter in Ethiopia? Would you pray God would give us wisdom about picking a birth date for her. We've never been given this opportunity before. And can you pray for our finances. In a few days, we are hoping to hear from Sue (director of Celebrate Children); who will be back from her trip to Ethiopia, bearing a child for a waiting family in Maine!! We hope to get details on the possibility of a second child (a baby)-which we need to lay before God to hear His answer of yeah or nay.


The Red Thread Kids: said...

I was wondering, what about the day you found out about her on?

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

"Indescribable" said...

I want to help.....I'm not very creative or rich in money - what can I do? I'm praying for your family, it's wonderful and those who enter are fortunate and blessed!

Jo's Corner said...

I will certainly be Praying for you, for financial blessings and for this adoption to fall in place according to His Plans. I will help as I can.
I would like to ask for Prayer for myself. I am walking through a dark, lonely place at this time. I'll be spending my first Christmas alone this year and it is overwhelming me with sadness. Thank You, for providing this place to come to when Prayer is needed!
God Bless You & your Family!
Love in Christ! Jo

Saminda said...

I will be praying, for certain Kimmie. :) Your girl is in good hands! She's in His hands!! xo

I do have a prayer request - something very close to my heart - but I'll email you. :)

Have a great day! xo

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) You know that we are praying and trusting Him for His best with you...

Choosing a birthday...what about the first day of the New Year? Love you! Q

Mrs. MK said...

Kimmie, we will be praying for these big decisions! WoW!

I would love to have you (and others) pray for my husbands work. He is self-employed, and has only had work for about 5 days since Thanksgiving. It has been a tight year already....and our 7 yr old son needs $500 in dental work done. We are just waiting and saving all we can.

Thanks! And hugs!

Bird's Words said...

I am praying for you as you wait for your daughter who is in Ethiopia still. I pray God, in His infinite wisdom, Gives you everything you need to bring her home at just the right time. I pray that you are overwhelmed at the Goodness of God and how His people can come together to make miracles happen when they are obedient to take care of the orphans. I cannot wait to read here that you have all the $ you need to go get her, and that you are forever togehter!

many blessings for a joyous and peaceful Christmas!


Renata said...

We do continue to lift princess Sweetness & also your family (& adoption finances) to God each evening.
Another baby?!?! That would be exciting.

I hope you & your beautiful family have a wonderful time Celebrating our Saviours' birth.

Leigh said...

I am longing for a Christian friend. Seems like I had so many friends when I was living a wordly life. Now that I am walking in Obedience with The Lord I don't have the friends I used to.

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