Dec 7, 2009

A Christmas Tradition Soon Over~

Once upon a time a wee girl ventured out with her Mama and Papa, with her brother Joe and her sister choose the perfect tree. Years later, this same girl bundled up her own brood and took the long drive to the same family owned tree farm.

Last year, the sweet man who owned it passed away. His beautiful wife Barbara and her son ran it, but due to her age and her son's commitments, things are destined to change.

Change is sad, traditions that may no longer be, can be heart wrenching...

I understand the reasons, but still my heart longs for someone to come and continue to run this as a quaint tree farm, and not a plot of land for luxury condos.

We've passed through the gate and begin the slow walk up the hill to the well groomed trees. One will soon be chosen as ours.

One very beautiful special tree.

Could it be this one?

I think we found it!

We have opted for smaller this with the building project that took place last month, we no longer have an empty corner in our living room.

The old place the tree stood in years gone by, is now a door that leads to a new bedroom. A bedroom that was very much needed by our family who is waiting for God to bring another to our fold.

A big one explains to the littlest why you can't run down the hill.

Not sure the little one is getting it, the big one has her work cut out for her, as the Mama take pictures of our family's tradition.

The handsome Knight who is ready to cut said tree.

The big one has enlisted a helper.

Reflections of Christmas past and present

Perhaps the last year of our Christmas tradition, that began with my Hungarian father, who loved family tradition and a good long car ride!

Tied and ready to be adorned in it's new place of prominence.

Thank you Sugar Plum Tree Farm...
for all of the wonderful memories. I hope to see you next year, but if not- know you will be always loved and remembered.


Renee said...

What a blessed day! :o)

Elisabeth said...

Aw, so fun. Merry Christmas to you all as well.

Elisabeth Black said...

That was me, by the way. :)

Greta Jo said...

What great memories. Have you thought about buying it? You have the talent and family to run/own it.

andrea said...

precious memories! past and present...curious what the future memories will hold!...oh, i'm so super excited for your newest addition!
btw such a lovely Christmas family picture!

Ali said...

I have really enjoyed visiting your blog today! We are currently going through a domestic adoption, and doing all we can to fun raise for it. Your family is beautiful!


Renata said...

What a fun day as a family. It's a shame they have to sell the place. I hope it goes to someone who won't change it!
Do you know we don't have tree farms over here (well not that I've ever heard of). Thanks for the glimpse into something new!
Hope you have a lovely day & I love your family picture at the bottom!
Renata :)

Saminda said...

Oh Kimmie, my heart aches as I read this post..... how sad indeed that the farm is up for sale! :( It looks like a beautiful place, and obviously so much tradition and history there.

I really enjoyed your family pictures. :) You are a precious family and you're in my prayers! xo

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