Dec 26, 2009

Sharing a Photo Shoot...

My two biggest girls were on their way out to a Progressive Dinner with their youth group...I decided it was a perfect time for a little photo shoot. As the new bedroom is still a work in progress, it makes a lovely photography studio at present.

In the last month I had a photo shoot with silly partying teenagers in it, my pregnant sister in law and her cute belly, and my two lovely fun! The lighting currently is lovely and if it wasn't for the fact that you could freeze to death up there...well, it would be every photographers dream!

I haven't had time to do any photo editing on the pictures, but as the girls polished up so nicely on their own...I give them to you untouched. (Can't wait to show you the other two photo shoots...once things settle down with the passing of many celebrations!)

Off to clean the house...have a sparkling day friends!


mom said...

What fun with your sweet big girls! And yum on the event as progressive dinners are so much fun.

I'm delighted to see your adoption fund growing! Just another thing to add a smile to my face this morning :-)

Enjoy your busy season, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

Adina said...

Gorgeous girls!

Dardi said...

How cute! Hubby & I are hoping to find a nice camera on clearance sometime before our big trip. My children better be prepared b/c I plan to practice on them a lot!

Enjoy your day!!

Michelle Riggs said...

How fun! You have beautiful girls.

Thanks for praying for Abby.

"Indescribable" said...

Your girls are beautiful! Love their smilie faces!

Hallie said...

Very pretty they are! Hope you all had a joyful and merry Christmas!

jen said...

Beautiful girls. Isn't that the best time to take pics?

emily michael said...

Ah, those partying teenage girls ;D
J-ro and Fazdike look b-e-a-u-tiful! LOVE THEM! and you :)

Elisabeth Black said...

Pretty sisters. :)

Letitia said...

That looks like fun. I love doing those kind of shoot with my girls.

I haven't been blogging much recently, so I have missed that you have an 11 year old waiting! Congratulations!! I hope it all progresses quickly for you all.

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