Jan 5, 2010

Coffee for our Adoption

My sweet friend Maria , found another way for my family to raise money for our adoption!
If you are a lover of coffee, would you buy from JustLoveCoffee? We put up a link to the website they created
just for our fund-raiser~

...see my sidebar to go check it out...

...lots of goodies to choose from too.

We are thinking that it is about 3 months, that we have to raise all the needed money to bring our daughter home...

won't you help? And as you drink the coffee of your choice...would you pray for us?

Thank you dear friends...it is so good to not have to do this alone.

How we are thankful for you, truly!
***Our pay-pal donation button is still on the side too...
it is waiting, for you to join us in this adoption journey!***

1 comment:

Renata said...

3 months.... that is so exciting! Praying for your finances for this adoption. Have you read the handmade dress blog (Samantha on my sidebar) - she has just put up a post about how God is providing for their adoption when they thought it impossible.
Renata :)

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