Jan 28, 2010

Harvest of a Man in China!

Seeds planted for Harvest

We recently learned that a sweet friend's dad had terminal cancer. I have been praying for him for over a year now, as he claimed he was an ath*ist. My girlfriend, Sophia, is Chinese and asked me to believe with her for her father's salvation. It was pretty hard ground she warned me.

Our conversation happened before we knew her beloved father had an aggressive cancer...actually he was just an older man in those days. A man that experienced much sorrow over the past few years; he had experienced much tragedy within his family. He lost his only son, then he lost his wife, his only other child became a Christian and he was angry.

Not angry enough however to turn away from his only child, he came this past summer, all the way from China to help her after the birth of her fourth child. He ran the house all day, as Chinese tradition is that the mother stays in bed for a full month after giving birth. He stayed for 6 months, in their Christian home. Weekly my friend's Chinese church, met in their living room for a prayer meeting.
He was a very tiny man, and very old, it appeared. I'd come to the house and see him out in the yard pushing a toddler on a toy. Holding another, watching them with an eagle eye always. Still no news of a change of heart. His health began to change for the worse. His daughter, my friend, worried-as he could not get health care here without a green card.
My friend hoped for him to stay longer, she had petitioned the government asking for more time...well, then he got sick, very sick. She finally put him on a plane, in hopes he'd get some care back in China.
We found out it was lung cancer, that it had traveled to several other organs and was now in his brain. She asked us (my Bible study group) to pray, she was going to leave her family, her husband, her country and go to her father to care for him. Pleading with us to please ask God to save her father before his time was up here on earth.
I rejoice greatly, that we received news that her dad asked Jesus to forgive his sins, he chose to repent of those sins and to give his remaining days over to God. He knows that there is a God now and that there is a Savior who died to make a way for eternal life for him. He calls himself a follower of Jesus, though his whole life He rejected Him.
Last year I asked God to give me a ministry in China. I boldly asked God to let me see this ministry. He let me pray for Sophia's dad. And to God be the Glory, He brought him into our family through our prayers! I am praying that he touches other lives before God calls him home...introducing them to His Savior!
Hey don't laugh, my God is that big and my faith is that radical.
Here on earth, I was never able to converse with Sophia's dad, as there was a language barrier...but when we meet in heaven, we will have some lovely talks together. And boy am I happy -totally JOY-Filled about that.


Katie said...

How wonderful. Such a touching story! To God be all glory! China is a country close to my heart (my sweet sister, Emmy Xiang is from there) and it brings me so much joy to hear of another follower from that lost place. Praise God!

Katie :)

MommaMindy said...

What beautiful news! It is good to hear a salvation story, it renews our faith in sharing the Gospel and praying for souls. I am so very happy to hear this dear man trusted the Lord Jesus!

"Indescribable" said...

I love it!
Prayer, prayer, prayer!
I love it!

Renata said...

Praise God!
What a wonderful story of God's answering prayers. Thanks so much for sharing it. I always get tears in my eyes when I hear or read about someone coming to God! Can only imagine the party going on in Heaven!
God bless
Renata :)

Anonymous said...

Praise God, so gloriously wonderful!!!!!!


Saminda said...

Hello sweet Kimmie!!! I'm using Stu's work internet as I"m going MAD at home without it. :( Just catching up on all your news. This is a great story!

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