Jan 9, 2010

How God's Spirit Moves...

Happy Saturday Friends!
Thought I'd share some answered prayer this morning with you.

Recently, as the New Year came upon us, I began to pray that God would move hearts to stand with us financially in our adoption. Our fundraising had gone rather quiet over the past weeks. As the time is quick approaching, to bring our Ethiopian daughter home; I began lifting up my concern to the Lord. I laid our need out before Him and ask if He would stir hearts to join us in gathering the much needed money.

Do you know what God did?

The Holy Spirit fell upon a heart in Australia...way across the pond from New England; the Holy Spirit stirred a tiny heart of a 7 year old girl.

She began to ask her parents if she could give her money *for a little sister.* Her parents had been discussing sponsorship (and had already jumped in to help us several times)...but their sweet daughter had adoption on the heart. Her mum and dad cuddled with her and explained that they weren't ready to adopt right then. However, she could help my family adopt. So with a heart prepared by God towards adoption, little Saraya joined us with her $10 in bringing our Ethiopian beauty home.

She joined in being a girl of action, she didn't hesitate with the money she was given, but lovingly released it to do God's work at hand. How grateful I am for her heart.

How encouraged I am by my prayers being answered the very next day, by a loving Father and a wee little lass named Saraya.
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!


Kristine said...

Amazing how God works through the hearts of children! God will bless her.

Saminda said...

WOw Kimmie, Saraya will be so excited to see this! :) xo

Amy said...

Oh Kimmie, how beautiful! Saraya is a jewel!!!

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