Jan 19, 2010

Little Reminders-Ethiopia

After we adopted our Princess Mercy last January from Ethiopia, I found this little lion planter for 25 cents. The Lion of Judah is the symbol of Jesus, it is also is the chosen representation of the country of Ethiopia.
The cute little lion was a reminder of God's faithfulness to our family.
This fall as I was cleaning up my garden, I dug up a little plant that wanders around my garden. The plant is known as the Archangel Michael...it is in the Pulmonaria family. Now it adorns my window and is a silent little reminder that God himself is watching my daughter who waits for us in Ethiopia. I see the little spotted leaves that are growing happily in the soil and remember that God's protection is covering her until we are able to adopt her-whether it be Him or one of His angels sent in His name.
The little lion may be cute, but my Jesus is powerful. My God who loves me and my Ethiopian daughter is no cartoon~y fake character...He is very real. He is able to turn hearts, He alone is able to save, He alone sits beside the Father in heaven interceding for those who love Him. The cute little lion is just a reminder of the One who is backing us in this call of adoption.
And though as of late we are weary, though our arms are too tired to hold up alone to our God, Jesus is praying for us and stirring hearts to come along side of us in this adventure. He is the God of restoration, of renewal, of Hope, of promise, He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He is the Elect of God and the Power of the Trinity!
Mo`a 'Anbessa Ze'imnegede Yihuda ...
which in Ethiopia means:
The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered!
What a wonderful reminder that God is indeed able, in every aspect of this adoption call. He is able in every tiny detail of my life and of course in yours too.
Would you consider financially joining us in raising the money needed to bring our daughter home? We have about 12 weeks left to raise the rest of $23,000.


Dardi said...

Kimmie ~ Thank you for that awesome reminder of who our God is & that, like a lion, He IS fiercely protective of His children!

Praying for you as you continue on this road to your daughter. I feel your discomfort with the financial part as we continue working towards bringing our son home. We have been blessed by the support of others, & I *think* we have a benefit in the works to try to come up with a bit more. We are praying about the details.

God Bless ~ Dardi

MommaMindy said...

I love the spiritual significance of the planter. What a great idea. When the Lord asks us to wait on Him, it is only because He wants us to draw nearer, and nearer and nearer, until we more completely understand His workings and stirrings in our hearts. To hear that still, small, voice, we must be close. I love seeing how you continually respond to this time period of waiting by drawing closer and closer and closer, instead of pulling away because you can't hear......yet.

Quinne said...

Hi Kimmie :) Precious post! I think of you daily and am keeping you close in prayer. Love & hugs, Q

Saminda said...

I love the planter Kimmie, and the significance of it. :) I love your heart and your faith - you just so inspire me. xx

I'll send another little donation through.... but am working on an idea for how to come up with a (bit) bigger one. *Hugs* xoxoxo

Renata said...

Jesus being called the Lion of Judah is the reason we called our son just that! Your little lion is gorgous. Since your post the raw truth (I read it when you posted it, but was crying too hard to comment)we have been praying about what we can do & Dave asked me last night how much you need - well now we have a figure to bring to the Lord. Still praying each evening & it's so sweet to hear the little boys pray for "Princess Sweetness & her family"- we also include requests for the money for her adoption. (This beautiful girl has captured all of our hearts)
God will not let you down. Love to you

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