Jan 21, 2010

Perhaps I am CRaZy...or maybe not?

Okay, so the picture of my dog, Silly Bunter, isn't that exciting...
but as there were no pictures snapped this morning of all my adventures;
Bunter is my faithful stand in.
Yeah my Bible study began!! Yeah God made me call my girlfriend, Sarah to re- invite/persuade/light the fire under her to come. For every excuse sweet Sarah had, I had the rebuttal, praise God. And guess what, it worked!!! Yeah God again!! She came and she liked it!!
And I sold 7 tickets (to the Bible Study Babes, as our leader calls us) to our adoption fundraiser for February 27th !! Yeah God.
And one person gave a donation...yeah God!!
Others said, be sure to bring the tickets next week, as then they'd have the funds.
Hurray God!!
As I neared my home, I past a curbside of furniture-free for the taking! I drove by. Well, for a moment, then the thought occurred to me that maybe there was something *wooden* that could be refurbished and then used for the raffle for our fundraiser. I turned around and guess what.
I found a country hutch made of pine and a cute little occasional/end table, both in need of a paint job little love. Now I may be crazy, but as a mother who is madly in love with a little girl on the other side of the world, well sometimes I find myself thinking outside of the box with ways that might bring in funds. I think this is one of them or maybe it was the Holy Spirit?
Inside the hutch was a note, a very old yellowed handwritten note it says:
Your Dad was aware that this was the "Big One" but I'm not sure what
he had in mind so gift will follow after I get further instructions.
of course it might as well say this:
Your Father (God) was aware that this was a "Big One"
but I'm not sure what He had in mind,
so gift will follow after I get further instructions.
~A Heavenly Messenger
I will take before and after pictures of the little *donations* towards our fundraiser....unless of course my Knight makes me put them back where they came from...
And regardless, it was a bit exhilarating~ a change of pace for my spirit; as I have been fighting discouragement; which seems to be trying to come at me from all angles these days.
....to be continued.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Bob said...

Silly Bunter is a very wise and beautiful dog, I can tell that just by lookin'. All the time God is sending us messages unfortunately most of the time our minds aren't in tune with him so we end up missing them. Bob.

MommaMindy said...

I love curb shopping, but I have humiliated my older children by my lack of embarrassment by pulling over with them in the car, to pick a treasure off the curb. So glad you found a few things of value! Have you hear of Modge Podge?


Maybe a little zing would raise the price you could charge.

Praying for inspiration, provision, and faith as you continue to wait on the Lord.

mom said...

Ohhhhhh :::::Godbumps::::: There's nothing better than personal love letters from God, eh?


Tammy ~@~

Saminda said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!!!!!! Kimmie, I LOVE this post!!! I am so happy your spirit is feeling good; God is SO on your side and He will prevail! The Holy Spirit is at work!

I love your dog. What breed is he?

Kimmie said...

Silly Bunter is a full bred Golden Retriever. Unfortunately he has some serious health issues as of late. We love him, but aren't sure how much longer we will be graced with him. sigh.


3 Blessings said...

Just found your blog. We are adopting from Ethiopia.

Barbara A. said...

Yes, Kimmie, you are crazy!! Crazy in love with your beautiful children and your awesome God!! So, stay crazy!!


Jenny said...

aww..I love golden's. :)

question for you: how was your experience w/ foster care? i think i've told you before we want to have a few and adopt a few..and anyway, we've been praying about doing foster care in the near future..there's always room for one more, right? :) we'd be open to adopting that way...or even just to bless and give to some kids that need it for as long as they need it...short/long term/ whatever.

thoughts? :)how'd it go???

Renata said...

Kimmie - you have such a beautiful heart & as I read through these other posts I missed it really just shines through. I love the way you are such a wonderful mother - & so full of great ideas! Princess Sweetness will be truely blessed.
Just wanted to say that
God bless you
Renata :)

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