Jan 24, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

Good day friends! Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend.
Need prayer?
Who doesn't?
Please leave your prayer requests today and I will joyfully cover you in prayer this week.

And now, dear God, be alert and attentive to prayer, all prayer, offered in this place.

(2 Chronicles 6:40, The Message)


Greta Jo said...

Hey Kimmie, I think of you so often. Please pray for healing btw myself and a so called good friend.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for God's guidance regarding a difficult decision.

Annie Chase said...

I had a really rough weekend and am just feeling very sad and low.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie,
We are going to be bidding at auction for a house on 6 Feb. Could you please pray for guidance for us? If we can get the house for the right price we will be able to buy it debt-free.
Thanks so much!

Melody said...

I'd like prayer that I can go help in Haiti if God's will, and that He will supply funds for expenses for this trip. Also, I've just moved. That He will make my next ministry CLEAR!! Starting over in a new church is hard....Thanks Kimmie!

Melody 2 said...

I just asked you to pray for me going to Haiti like last week... Well, I have found a church group to work with (was actually invited to by my sister that lives in Ohio), and then just yesterday I had a friend contact me saying that she wants to help buy my tickets to go. I wasn't even doing fund-raising or anything....I told God "He" was gonna have to take care of that if He wanted me to go! WOW!!!!!! So it looks like the doors are opening....I'm hoping to go with a team in a couple weeks or so! God is gooooooood!!!!

Just wanted to share! Thanks for PRAYING!!!!

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