Jan 31, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

Glad you came by today!  Hope all is well with you.  Would you like me to pray for you this week?  Leave me a comment or send me a private note (see the sidebar for my email) and we will join together to bring your situation before God.

And please, if you get prayers answered- will you come back and share your praise report with us? 
(I happen to know several others join us in praying for the requests that you leave in the comment section here.)  We'd all love to rejoice greatly with you over answered prayer!! (plus it builds our faith!)

From my heart:

Thought I'd share something that happened yesterday;  I ran out to pick up a few things at our local Sally's Beauty Supply Store.  At the register, I told the two cashiers that I noticed they didn't carry snap-beads for hair.  I explained that we had an Ethiopian daughter (through adoption) and I had been searching high and low to find some locally.  This opened up doors all over the place, they began to offer not only suggestions as to where I might find some, but they began to open their hearts. 

They asked me all about adoption: bonding, language, ages, cost, foster care experience, what I thought about the foster care system, did I have any adopted boys...which I gladly answered.  They began sharing their hearts, towards adoption, personal experience, pain, encouragement...

Then the conversation turned to church and to God.  I love it when that happens.  I see it as an open door given by the Holy Spirit.  I began to minister.  I invited them to church.  I gave them my phone number, I invited them to my Thursday morning Bible study.  One of the two said she'd love to come.  Her name is Pat, she is currently unchurched, but hoping to find a new place to worship.  She spoke of her faith before her much younger employee, who seemed to grow quiet with the talk of God. Though she didn't say yes to church or Bible study, seeds were planted in her heart for a later time of harvest!

I kept my eyes out for my new friend Pat to come this morning to church, but as we have 3 services and I was only at one, I didn't see her.  Maybe she will come on Thursday or she will call my church and find out when the new Bible study begins there.  I gave her the church website, so she could access and catch a glimpse of what goes on behind those front doors. 

I have to tell you it moved me, not just because I am an evangelist at heart, but because she got teary eyed and said, "I am coming around to give you a hug, because I don't believe in coincidences."

As I ran errands over the next few hours (hey~I hadn't left the house, but for Bible study for 2 weeks, due to sick kids here)...I found myself laughing and thanking God for letting me minister His love.

How cool is our God...
...all over a question about, cheap little snap-beads to
clip onto the ends of little Princess Mercy's growing African hair.


HandsRaisedToHeaven said...

Hi Kimmie! Neat story. I love how God works. Would you pray for our girls' new birth certicates? They expect them tomorrow. Please pray that they are done so passports can be applied for. Thanks!

Melody said...

My brother is applying for passport to work with missions. But even though mom, dad and I all have passports already, he's having a hard time getting one since he was born at home, didn't get immunizations, and doesn't have enough governmental records to make them happy. Please pray that God will INTERVENE!!! Thanks for your testimony shared today!

SinginginHisName said...

kimmie that is so wonderful! I have been praying for more opportunities to minister and tell about our hope we have in Christ. The Lord has not answered this want I have yet, but I will be on the look out. My dad said he wants out family to possibly help at the local homeless shelter sometime soon. I want to do that and maybe the Lord will open up doors for sharing about Himself there. We currently don't have a church home, so its harder to out reach. As we are a homeschooling family and have lots of homeschooled and christian friends. But the Lord is good. Thank you for sharing your encouraging story!

If you could please just pray for my family that we would find a church home in the Lord's timing and the one that the Lord wants us to be at. We will be visiting another new church this coming sunday. Today we were snowed in and did not ventur out. But I am hoping to see what the church is like that we visit this coming sunday. Thank you Kimmie and I am praying for your family and adopting your new member of your family!

God bless!

Kristine said...

Isn't God amazing how He planted you there at exactly the right moment? And you were willing to share and not just rush to your next errand. That was a reminder for me to slow down and see what opportunities and doors God has open for me. Thanks.

"Indescribable" said...

from clip beads to sharing Jesus! I love it! I'll be praying that you get to see her again.

Julie said...

Hi Kimmie,
My son is home from Haiti! It was truly a miracle-he got out before Haiti pulled the plug and started restricting children from leaving. He has been home for 9 days and we are really feeling like a family. They prayed at our orphanage before meals and so now when we say prayers at mealtimes and at bedtime, he clasps his little hands together and says "Amen!". He is such a blessing from God! I can send a link to a story on us, if you'd like. Now I have to do adoption announcements!
Take care, Julie

Jennifer said...

Praise report thanks to your beautiful heart standing at our FAther's throne for us. Our Josiah from
Ethiopia comes home on Tuesday at 5:30pm. Thank you for the "flair prayer" to get that final document where it needed to be.. Love you precious sister..

mom said...

When we open our hearts to God's plan for our day, He never fails to supply us with ways to minister! What a blessing to read of your faithfulness, Kimmie :-)

Tammy ~@~

Melody 2 said...

Believe it or not, my brother got his passport!!!!!! It's a true miracle, since we didn't have enough documentation. But God intervened!!! Praise the Lord!!!! Thanks for praying....just had to let you know!

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