Jan 7, 2010

Spin Baby Spin

We encourage dress-up everyday.
Well, 364 days of the year. We do not play dress-up on October 31st. We simply don't. All other days it is totally acceptable and highly encouraged; as what a better way to develop your creativity.
Dress-up is always a good time, especially if shared with someone you love.
So the older influences the younger and continues the tradition.
My girl who still loves dress-up

And look who she played dress-up with! Isn't she just a living doll?!

Oh, for the love of a twirly skirt. Remember when this made your heart sing?

Big sister tries to help her learn to spin.

Baby Mercy pays attention to the *how to.*

Thinking about spinning....maybe....

Oh, she just melts my heart!

Princess Giggles (8) spinning with joy in her ballerina skirt.

20 months old and full of laughter

Studying how to spin.

Telling her teachers,

that she much prefers things with batteries that make noises to frilly skirts that twirl.

Well, maybe next time she'll work on spinning. Not promising anything just yet!


Angel said...

Those pictures are adorable. I just want to squeeze her cheeks!! Very cute!!

Leslie said...

How precious! I love their smiles; you can tell they're having a ball. ;)

MommaMindy said...

Yes, we've had two decades of spinning daughters in our home! It is inborn, isn't it? Now, my granddaughter is starting this stage.

Dardi said...

How sweet!! Dress-up began again here after many years of not having a little girl around...it is so fun to see what she comes up with (or what her older sisters put her in!). Her latest "do it myself" look are big people socks she pulls all the way up to her bum...it's quite stylish!

Thanks for sharing the adorable pics!

mom said...

YAY for dress-up! I never know *who* I'll be sitting next to when I do schooling each day as my littlest LOVES to always be dressing up. 'Course her older sisters enjoy it, too. And twirly skirts are THE BEST!

Enjoy these years, Kimmie, as those little girls grow up much too quickly...

Tammy ~@~

Isabella Kiss said...

...i still play dress up and im 18.......................
i mostly just play it on september 19th, though!

Sophie Neri said...

Isn't dress up so much fun?? They are precious girls.

Kimmie said...

And for those of you who don't know my daughter (Isabella Kiss)...National Pirate Day is Sept. 19. A special day of dress-up for all lovers of Pirates!

Michelle said...

We have daily dress up here and twirly skirts are our favorites! In fact when we are looking for regular dresses or skirts to purchase for everyday wear, if it doesn't spin, it's the mark of a bad garment and we cannot own it. They'd have fun spinning with your girls!

Martie said...

Aboslutly adorable!! Looks like they all had a great time.

mommy to four j's said...

what a doll she is just precious. Atrue Gift from God that is so cute her sister playing with her.. I loved twriling dresses

Anonymous said...

Just curious, why don't you dress up on Halloween?

Amy said...

You've a homeful of treasures, Kimmie! I am so looking forward to seeing photos of Princess Sweetness joining in the twirling!


Kimmie said...

And to answer the question....why don't we celebrate Hall*ween?

Well in the beginning of parenting we did. Then we began to see what a dark side it had, with some study and some teaching,... realized where its roots originated from and decided that we would not participate any longer.

For us it isn't about candy and dress-up, we have too much information about its origins and once you know...well, we decided we would no longer be celebrating. Instead we do a non-dress up gathering...games, fun, food...non-traditional, but just perfect for us.

Hope that explains it.


Isabella Kiss said...

...actually, i might be one of the only pirates to DRESS like one...you are supposed to TALK like one, but i take it to the next extreme.

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