Jan 25, 2010

Some Winter Fun

We grabbed some sleds
and visited Grammie and Grampie
Sledding while we can...the grass is beginning to show again

Little Miss Helper running the wets through the dryer

The crocheting queen making a bear ..she is a crazy mad crafter!

Watching the big kids sled

Off the hill and into the warm house to build

The owner of this cute pregnant belly just might kill me now...
I am pretty sure she threaten me???

Sweet Grampie

Grampie's current projects

Time for peek-a-boo

Grammie's legos always are so fun!

My sweet best friend/ sister in love, who just might kill me for that *other picture*.
I plead insanity...her belly button is just too cute when she is pregnant.
We waited so long for this pregnancy....so...forgive me Rachael


You'll get over it ;-)
(She knows I love her. And just am overly excitable!)

The two youngest boys stay out to claim the last glory of the hill

My wonderful Mum -Queen of the castle!

The silly boy who is nearly frozen after 3 hours of sledding

Princess Mercy is snacking in Grammie's boots

The finished bear...isn't he cute?


MoonDog said...

did you name her mercy just so you could say OH Mercy that girl is cute! cus thats what I am saying over here. all you other dollies are beautiful too. but Oh Mercy is she a doll. it has to be the cheeks.

Stacy said...


RACHAEL?! Expecting?

(Oh, thank you, Jesus!!!)

Wonderful, joyful news. (((hugs))) to Rachael from me. :) Congratulations, sweet Rachael!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Adorable photos Kimmie...the kids all look so happy and little Princess is growing up quite fast!


Diana said...

Looks like you had a wondeful time. Wish I was there to go sledding.

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