Feb 26, 2010

Adoption Anticipation-Our Fund-Raiser!

We are so excited, tomorrow is our adoption fund-raiser! 

 Would you pray that the weather would cooperate?  It seems we could be getting another snowstorm tomorrow. Our dear friends,  Bob and Joyce Pedro have worked so hard collecting items for tomorrow's raffle and silent auction-we need people to come for it to be a success. 

Tonight we are going to gather to clean the hall and prepare it for tomorrow's party.  Busy, busy, busy. They are kicking us (my family) out tomorrow for the final preparations; as they don't want us to see it all decorated.  The blessing of surprise!

How grateful we are to have such kind and generous friends. 

Would you consider helping us to gather the last of the funds?  We are so thankful to not have to do this alone.  We are waiting on God for a miracle -won't you be a part of it?  March 3rd is our Ethiopian court date...which means travel follows shortly, when we pass!  We can't go if we don't have the money.

We covet your prayers for tomorrow-to God be the Glory!


Dardi said...

What a blessing your friends are!! We continue to pray for God to pave the way for us, too. I cannot wait to hear all about your wonderful event! You know what I love about these things...the money always comes, which is great, but you really end up being blessed by the love & hearts of other people. (I hope that little musing just made sense!)

Robin said...

Praying for a very successful fundraiser tonight!

Kristine said...

Praying for God's overflow of abundance as you walk out this plan He has for all of you!

Saminda said...

Oh Kimmie, I WILL be praying, hard!! I wish so much I could give you more / do more for you (and you all know we'd come to the fundraiser if we lived um.... a bit closer to you! ;)). I desperately hope and pray all goes smoothly in these coming weeks, and that your new girl will be home soon. xoxoxoxoxo

Renata said...

Praying for both the weather & for lots of people in attendance. What wonderful friends you have! May God bless your evening.
Renata :)

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