Feb 25, 2010

An Amazing Love Story

Love at first sight:

Meeting my girl in her orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,
January, 2009.

Amazing how much love a heart can hold; love that you never even knew you had. 

 Isn't Love crazy good?


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

How could you not love that precious little girl? She is just adorable...beautiful.I never thought I could love anyone like I do my kids. Then my sweet little grandson was born...even better and more love. I do understand the love you are feeling for your daughter. It is amazing that mothers have such unending love. Many blessings, Karen

Katie said...


This reminded me of what a dear friend once told me. We were just folding laundry (I'm her mother's helper/ babysitter), but what she said has stuck with me forever.

She told me that when she first discovered each of her pregnancies, she wondered how she could love another child enough without sacrificing some of the love she had for the other(s), but that each time God just gave her more love to give. I love that. What an awesome God we serve!

Hope your day is a blessed one!

Katie :)

Jennifer said...

So sweet, so pure. What a very lovely post...I can see the love in your faces. So happy for you honey!

Kristine said...


What a great picture! It shows just a portion of that love reflected for us to see.


Kathy C. said...


5KidMom said...

This takes me back to our first moments with my Gracie. I doesn't get much better, does it?! 8^)

Isabel said...

absolutely gorgeous photo! love it!
your heart definitely seems huge and filled with love!
i know that you have even so much more to give - starting with your new daughter waiting for you in Ethiopia!
you're an amazing woman!

Dardi said...

I am amazed at how God can intertwine our hearts with our children!

Wouldn't it be wild if we are both in Ethiopia at the same time!? I would love to meet you in person!!

andrea said...

how precious love is! and to think it's our Father can possibly love us more!

Stace said...

It is so amazing to fall in love with our children! I am so grateful that God gives us all the love we need -- actually full to overflowing!!! So excitged to see God doing the same for your family!

Saminda said...

Kimmie, this is such a pretty photo! You are both beautiful. :) xo


my goodness this is a really beautiful little girl ..... may GOD BLESS YOU with many many years ......and one more thing her adoption day is the same day as my birthday...... PRAISE OUR SAVIOR

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