Feb 1, 2010

Benefit Dinner for our Adoption

People often cock their head when they see us approaching as a family.  As a whole, there are 9 of us.  Sometimes, as we exit our car, people laugh in wonder that so many people could fit into a Suburban.  Then they usually ask me if they are all mine, to which I say a bold, "YES!"  If given the opportunity, I share about our adoptions and the goodness of this call God has given us.

Some ask us why we keep adopting more.  It is an easy answer.  Because God asked us. Because there is always room for another at our house. Because my Father wants us to help orphans (James 1:27- tells us to take care of widows and ORPHANS).  Because how can we not say yes to a child who has no family, when we have a loving one with so many arms to hold one more.  Our eyes are open and we know that there is a very real need...143 million orphans-how can we NOT adopt?  We have been adopted ourselves~ into God's family and we know that adoption was God's idea long before it was ever my Knight's or mine.

On to the Fund-Raising dinner our dear friend Bob Pedro is throwing for us...

would you buy a ticket? 

We'd love to have you join us, but even if you can't...your ticket/donation would help us raise the needed $15,000 to bring our beautiful daughter home.

Would you reach into your heart and see if you don't have a few dollars to help an orphan.

Our daughter has lived the last 5 years in an orphanage in Ethiopia.  She has asked God to bring her a Christian family.  The only thing holding us back, is raising this money...in a few weeks we will get the flag from our agency to 'come and bring her home.'   Unless we raise the money, we can't- would you please help us?  Would you spread the word and use your blogs to help get the word out? 

You see, this mother's heart wants her girl home.  I want to hold her and give her back her childhood.  I want to tell her how much I love her and that God did wonders for her; to bring her to our home.

Oh, and thank you.  Thank you for considering, thank you for listening, thank you for praying and thank you if you choose to be a part of this miracle. 

 God bless you.


EEEEMommy said...

Did you look into getting a matching grant? Some friends of ours had a benefit concert in December and found out after the fact that they could have gotten a matching grant from a number of individuals which would have made the $6,000 they raised $12,000. So frustrating that they didn't know!!! Look into it. If you need me to, I can ask my friend for info.

I pray it's a beautiful time of God's provision through His body!!

Grace and Peace,

Jennifer said...

Beautifully said dear Kimmie. Praying in Jesus' name for every step of this journey.

the mother of this lot said...

Kimmie, I hope your benefit dinner is a runaway success!

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