Feb 7, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

Oh Glorious day!

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday~please tell me you've come by because you want prayer!  We'd love to pray for you this week.  Just leave your request in the comment section or send me a private email (see my sidebar for my email).  

Have a wonderful week-I think we should get our court date in Ethiopia this week!  We closed the door to a second child coming home, as none had been identified and at this point our daughter's paperwork is ready to be submitted to court.  Post court approval, it should be about 6 weeks until travel.  The excitement is building here and our level of expectation is being raised in seeking God on our fund-raising for our finances.  We did a little shopping yesterday to buy her things she will need, like pj's, underwear, socks, a winter coat (in case it is still frigid here when she arrives), a zip up sweatshirt... I have no clue about whether we will be given her shoe size.  I'd love to hear what kind of shoes you brought in a similar adoption situation.

Pondering and claiming~

Psalm 121:2

My help comes from the Lord, who made the heaven and the earth.

Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God


Tracy said...

Please pray for son who is currently experiencing a asthma flare up. Also, pray for us as we work at saving the funds necessary to adopt again. We hope to adopt a sibling group this time. We are looking at Jamaica and the Phillipines, but all doors are open at this point. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh I'm thrilled for you and the adoption moving forward. I share in your joy as an expectant parent & believe God has gone before you and made your road strait!

PS I've awarded you on my blog. Stop by to pick it up!

Stephanie said...

I'd love prayer this week. We have a great Christian friend who has asked to come over and talk with us about our recent decision to adopt again. From his emails, it sounds as if he is against our decision and will come equipped with Bible verses to support his claims. I am just praying that when we meet with him, I have the right attitude and am able to express my thoughts in a kind way that God would want me to. [I tend to get flustered and frustrated too quickly when faced with opposition...]

As for the shoes issue, I know some families have requested that the orphanage draw an outline of the child's foot on a piece of paper, scan it in and then email it to the adoptive family. Then the family can print it out, cut it out and size the paper foot to a shoe.

I also knew a family who took 3 different sizes of shoes for their new kids. They found the shoe size that fit the best and then donated the other shoes to the orphanage. I know it's a lot to pack 3 pairs of shoes. But I also know you shop at thrift shops often and could maybe find some good buys so the cost wouldn't be too bad.

~Just a couple of ideas...

Kimmie said...

Hi Stephanie! (my sweet friend!)

I will be praying for your meeting...the basic thing you need to remember is that you *heard* from the Lord about adoption anmd that you have prayed about it asking God to confirm it for you.

This brother might just be concerned about your finances and about putting your marriage and family in danger with the commitment of another adoption. Debt and money are such stressors, even on the best Christian marriages. If you have prayed as a couple and have heard from God, just tell him that and perhaps he will change his concern to joy? Maybe not, but God will be your defense if it is His will for you, just tell him the facts and leave it to God.

Thank you for your shoe info...those sound great to me and ones I hadn't even thought about. Thanks sweet friend!


Jennifer said...

Hey dear Kimmie,
Since your prayers are sooooo amazing =).. would you please lift up the little foster baby we have (the little Haitian fella) as his bio dad just learned he was the father of this child and wants to "visit" him. This little child has many medical needs and I don't wish for more orphans in the world, but we would love to keep him. =) Pray that if the bio dad is going to go for him that he is totally capable and willing to take care of sweet baby Quincy. Thank you for the honor of your prayers. xo

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