Feb 14, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

How great is our God!  That isn't a question, it is definitely a heart felt praise.  Why?  Because He is.

If you can't say the same or if you don't know God in a personal way...don't wait another minute, drop me a  comment or a note and I will introduce you to my Wonderful Father, my Beloved Jesus and my Sweet gift from heaven- the Holy Spirit who resides within me.  God has been waiting for you to come, won't you do it today friend?  It is the best decision you ever make, I promise.  I am praying for you, praying that God has been preparing your heart and today is the day that you commit your life to Him.

From my heart:

I have been seeking God for a while now on our new daughter's name.  I was very uncomfortable with not being able to *know* what her given name meant. We did everything we could think of to discover its meaning, all with no clear understanding.  Then, I asked God to reveal to me His will for her (name)

 and do you know what...

He did. 

 He told me what her name meant and you know what else...He told me that I will know it to be true from the testimony of her lips (she will declare it)!  Her name will stay as it is, because it means listener (to God) and obedient.  She will tell us that God has spoken to her, that He has been whispering to her along her waiting time in the orphanage. You see, He has given her ears to hear Him. Praise God, praise God!!

 My heart is so thankful, as God knew I was asking so I could honor Him in naming her.  Having come from a background of witchcraft, I know the importance of a name and how its meaning can speak over a life.  I didn't want her to have a name that didn't bring Him honor.  You see we had grown to love her Ethiopian name, but still didn't know what God was requiring of us, for us it never is about *us* choosing a name, but waiting on Him to tell us. 

This morning as I sat in church worshiping Him, He came.  He spoke to me.  He made it clear what He wants for her name.  He then said it would be confirmed by her lips.  And as this isn't the first time He has spoken to me, I knew it was Him.  The Word tells us, that His sheep will know His voice.  Indeed I am a sheep and He is my Good Shepherd.  I will follow Him and do His will.

My heart is full of song, another weight in this adoption has been lifted!

As soon as we pass court in Ethiopia I can tell you her name and show you her beautiful face.  Will you pray for our papers in court in Ethiopia-that every detail will be perfect...as you know I am eager to introduce you to our Ethiopian Princess.

Believing God for favor, for miracles and for opportunities to testify (tell) His many blessings to us in this adoption.  To God be the Glory, great things He has done!


Karen said...

How wonderful! How Exciting! I look forward to hearing her name. I don't know if we'll be able to adopt our latest foster child or not...if so, we'll need to decide about the name...I always struggle over whether to choose a name "I" like or to honor his birth mother by keeping the name she chose. With the first one, by the time we realized he would be staying he "was" his name, so even though it wasn't a name I particularly liked, he had become it. We did change his middle name. With our second adopted son, his name was rather redundant, so we chose a new first name, and kept his original name as his middle name. So we'll see what happens if this next one stays.

Anna said...

Oh, Kimmie, thanks for letting us share in your joy!

HandsRaisedToHeaven said...

I love hearing about your new daughter and her name. Can't wait to see pictures. :)

Thanks for praying for the girls. Their paperwork hasn't been completed yet and the expected birth certificates aren't ready yet either. Please keep praying. One of these days we'll have a glorious update that it's time!!

Jared and Krista said...

I am still praying for you dear sister. I am happy to hear that God has spoken to you and that you have received her name. I am praising Jesus with you today, tomorrow and always- for His faithfulness. I can't wait for pictures, especially of the day you get to hug her precious self. Oh, Kimmie- the day will come all too soon! Praise God!

Renee said...

Praying and so excited to hear her name and see her beautiful face.

God is good!

Renata said...

Praying for your precious daughter. What a lovely meaning her name has. I'm sure God is preparing her for her adoption - the fact that I've been convicted to pray so many times for her preperation & bonding is a good indication.
Renata :)

American History said...

your prayer touched me. I'm praying! I found this site helpful www.holylandprayer.com Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless.

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