Feb 21, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Would you like prayer?  I'd be happy to join you in prayer this week, together we can take your request before God.  Leave me a note and we can get busy!


Cari said...

YES Ma'am! We leave this Wednesday to bring our daughter home! :)

All that goes with that...safety, good health, bonding, and that God will speak to our kids in a mighty way through this experience.

Allison said...

I did some damage to my car last year. Please pray that the damage is minimal and that God will lead me to a good mechanic. Thanks, Kimmie! Praying about your paperwork and furnace!

Jennifer said...

Kimmie...thanks honey. I really need our immigration approval to reach Ethiopia this week...so we can be approved to bring her home.

Thank you so much for your extra prayers!!!

Hugs, Jen

Karen said...

I'm requesting prayers for our health...our baby (2-1/2 months) was in the hospital with RSV but is now home so we're praying for continued healing. My oldest son (10) and second son (2-1/2) are both sick also. My husband is out on the road (truck driver). My oldest daughter (almost 8) is also coughing but not officially "sick" yet. And pray for me to keep up my stamina through all this.

Praying for your family also!

Tracie said...

I know you're praying for me, right Kimmie? Just wanted you to know how much it means that you are my friend.

Melanie said...

Thanks for having this post. Please pray for our family. We are adopting our grandson Noah that has lived with us since he was 10 months old and we are beginning the process to adopt a third little girl from China from the same orphanage as our other 2 china princesses. Please pray that 1) God will provide the finances and 2) the processes go smoothly and quickly esp. for Noah. 3) no interference in Noah's adoption.
Thank you and Blessings,

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