Feb 17, 2010

Prayers Needed-really!

Good-morning my awesome friends! Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement yesterday-how loved we felt!

The furnace is back on...thank you for your timely prayers. The diagnosis was~ it was running to *rich*...whatever that means. (funny, considering how low we try to keep it these days),  *She* has some major damage the furnace guy said, though he got her running, she still will need upwards of $1,000 to keep her going.  Something about a coil, and a cracked ceramic box that needs replacing. And the words, "A lot of damage."  We will try to hold off, but will seek God for what He wants us to do-as dumping more money into a furnace on the edge of *life* may not be the best.

On to today's prayer need:

We need our I 171 H, like today. 

It is for our adoption and without it our daughter can't come home to the United States.  Our agency set us an email, asking us to call our Congressman today- without it we are in BIG trouble.  Would you pray that we get issued this-like immediately.  We HAVE a court date March 3rd in Ethiopia!!

We need this paper ( I 171 H) and we need the Ministry of Women's Affairs (the group that handles orphans in Ethiopia) to submit all of their letters/paperwork in time for this March 3rd court date.

  • *I 171H (immigration -our final determination letter from the U.S. government)

  • *for the phone call to our Congressman to get ACTION -we need that paper in hand!

  • *MOWA to submit their letters/paperwork

  • *for all paperwork to be perfect and without error (ours and theirs)
*for favor for our daughter and our family (from God) over all these situations

  • *for the remaining money for Princess Sweetness' adoption
*for our fund- raiser on Febuary 27th, to be above our wildest dreams in helping come up with these last finances needed! (see sidebar for our need)

Thank you fellow prayer warriors-let's seek to advance His Kingdom to be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Yeah, we have a court date...yeah, if we pass she gets to come home in 6 weeks!!!  My baby is coming home, after 5 years in an orphanage...waiting for a Mama and a Papa!



mom said...

Good thing I just got home from Bible study so we can pray specifically this morning during our devotional time for all your paperwork to fall into place!

Hang in there and stay warm(we'll also pray for your furnace)!

Tammy ~@~

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Oh I am so excited for you guys! Will pray yes, alot, just did. Hugs to all!

Jennifer said...

To help ease your mind a little...we had our court date on 2/8 (and passed) but didn't receive our I-171H until 2/11. Luckily we have it now, but it isn't needed for our court hearing in ET...only for after you pass in order to get an embassy appointment and visa issued.

I will pray that it come very soon...calling your congressman and/or senator is a good way to get some action on this...they have people on staff who can contact immigration directly.

Best of luck to you!

Stephanie said...

Praying hard, Kimmie! I'm marking my calendar for your March 3rd court date to pray especially for that day! And I'm praying for the finances to fall into place at the perfect time! God owns all the riches in the world. And He had the power!

Would it help if other people called your congressman too? Or will a call from you guys be sufficient? I would be happy to make a call if you think it will help!

As for the furnace, I have no advice. But I will definitely keep praying!

Dardi said...

Wow, lots of stuff going on!! It will be neat to see how it all comes together. Praying for the details & that you can find peace & rest in the midst of the whirlwind!

"Indescribable" said...


The Young Family said...

Praying that 171 comes soon for you!!! Found your blog on the Ethiopia listserv...we are also with AGCI:).

Shawnda said...

A court date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge, sister! Praying for the Lord to provide for the furnace AND for that USCIS approval!!!!!!!!!

Renata said...

I'm joining you in your prayers. WOW March 3rd that's wonderful!
So pleased that Princess Sweetness should be home within a few months - how exciting is that!!!!
Just imagine she should be there for your summer!!

Glad it looks like your furnace doesn't need replacing, but hope that it can keep on going for this winter.
God bless you
Renata :)

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