Feb 13, 2010

Saturday...How about You?

Wondering what you and your family do on Saturdays?  Would you share your day with us?

For us~Saturday is a home day.  We usually catch up on chores, do fix-it projects, heavier cleaning projects around the homestead.  If there is time, I will run errands; as I am usually home during the school week with not much *out* time happening.

Today however, I am taking my 3 big girls and heading to buy some clothes for our coming Ethiopian daughter.  I am venturing to the MALL~ which is only done every few years for me...as it just isn't my normal cup of tea.  But, I do like the shop called H&M.   Most of my buying has been from the one in London, England, on past family holidays.  Today the one tucked in our local mall will suffice and hoping to find some cute things on sale (dreaming) to have ready for her. I think we will hit our *Savers* store too, which is a huge warehouse of a thrift store that opened last year right next to our mall area and very convenient to our church! I am always amazed at the newness of their items and we are always thankful at how God provides for us through thrift shops.

I am making sure Princess Sunshine (11) is coming...as she is my go to girl for try-ons these days.  She is about the same age as our Princess Sweetness in Ethiopia and according to measurements, only an inch shorter than her coming sister.  I do much better when she trys-on for me, several trips made previously were a bust once at home, we had her try-on and realized we needed to return most of what had been purchased, sigh.

 It soon will be time to pack Princess Sweetness's suitcase, as we need to bring everything for her...time to get busy!


Expat Mom said...

Saturdays are usually work days around here. Irving isn't in the band but he sometimes works anyway. I always try to use Saturdays to catch up on work so we have Sunday as a family day.

It sounds like you have a great one planned! Enjoy

Renata said...

Saturday is also a work day here - although yesterday we actually went to the city as Dave needed to buy some parts & I wanted to visit their farmers market - alas it was incredibly wet & not the nicest day, but we had fun jumping in the puddles. I hope you have fun shopping for your newest princess & find lots of specials.
Have a lovely day
Renata :)

Jennifer said...

Well, it varies. But lately, I've been taking a knitting class on Saturday morning with 2 friends...so I get up with my husband/son, get the fmaily ready for the day, breakfast/coffee at home...then I'm off for 3 hours with my girlfriends. The rest of the day we usually run errands, loads of laundry, clean house, work on random projects around the house, and just get things done that are usually neglected during the busy work week.

I'm not a fan of malls either...but I think I may venture out tomorrow to buy some things for our ET princess too!

Bird's Words said...

we try hard to get most of the chores done on friday so that our Saturdays can be free for play. I love it! however, when necessary, I do chores/grocery shopping on saturday mornings. And now I'm trying to run on saturday mornings... only got in 2 1/4 miles today.. not very good. oh well.

I am a consignment store lover myself! I love a good bargain!
Hope you found lots of goodies for your newest addition!

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