Mar 22, 2010

Answered Prayer...Rejoicing!

Prayer works!  I want to share with you a prayer that I made less than 10 days ago, one that opened the windows of heaven over my life and blessed me.

Ten days ago, I asked God for an exercise bike.  I am no longer able to go to the gym, or even manage to fit in regular walking time.  As you know life with a baby changes so many things.  I knew we didn't have extra money laying around to go buy one, so I took my request to God and asked Him if he could give me one.

I began to pray and shared my heart with my handsome Knight and a few of my closest girlfriends.  They mainly just smiled, but I was waiting expectantly...they may have been thinking "she will never find time to ride one" or perhaps some were kind and thought I didn't need it, "as I look just fine." (that is why I love them.)  Regardless, I kept taking it to my Father. 

Saturday, my Knight went out to support a friend of his, who was having a tag sale, in order to clean out some space for a new business opportunity.  After a few hours he came home with...if you're guessing a bike...well, you are so right!  Not only a bike, but the kind we use to use at our gym.  The kind that had the wheel covered, I praise God for this, as I hadn't even thought that it could be a danger to my sweet baby's fingers...but my loving Father had.  The bike and everything was given to my sweet Knight!  You got it FREE!  Each thing that was brought home was something we needed, or something wished for and definitely a blessing to all who received.

This morning I went 8 miles on my blessing. There was some huffing and puffing, but much rejoicing!!   You can be sure I made phone calls to my friends and as I peddled I was thanking my Father for His lovely answer to my heart's desire.

He is so good to me.  I must say the bike has made my legs feel rather like rubber, but that just speaks of the sad condition of things.  Funny, I feel like I am more active than several years ago, but I guess the thighs don't lie.

  I just wanted you to know...and share how He even cares about the little not so important things in our lives.  He also gave me a tape recorder that I had wanted to use for Princess Sweetness.  It came unused, in its original box.  I wanted to be able to read stories to her and let her follow along in the particular book.  Our old one got thrown away, as the record button was broken.  I know there are more modern means, but this was simple and kid friendly-my other children had loved the stories that they got to enjoy. God must of thought it was good too, as it marched in with all of the blessings on Saturday.

What are you bringing before Him lately?

And yes, for now my *Matilda* is sitting smack dab in the living room.  She and I are going to waltz away the quiet moments together.  She seems to like it, as I think I heard her purr her contentment that she found me.



BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh Kimmie...I am so glad your prayer was answered...I am trying to give my treadmill a lot of time and attention too....we bought it brand new for only $100 from some neighbors who never used still had the plastic on it!

mom said...

YAY! What fun! And good for you, too :-) And thank you for the reminder to be specific when asking our Father for those things that may not seem important to some, but our little heart's desires of our own :-)

Tammy ~@~

Saminda said...

What a wonderful story Kimmie - I'm so happy for you!! xo

Letitia said...

That is so terrific! You reminded me, too, that God wants to bless us in so many ways. He says that we have not, because we ask not.

Renata said...

Oh Kimmie - I have chills! Praise God for answering prayers - & not just answering, but sending the exact, perfect thing requested!
God bless you
Renata :)

Kathy C. said...


Duckygirl said...

you have a very special Daddy :)

Cari said...

I love to hear about answered prayers, Kimmie! God is in the details, isn't He?! PTL

Vanessa said...

Wow-that's really amazing! Thanks for sharing that this morning. Served as a needed encouragement as well that God truly does care about every detail of our lives.

Bird's Words said...

I LOVE IT!! God is so amazingly interested in the small details of our everyday lives. It astounds me that He cares so deeply! I'm in awe that He chooses to bless us over and over with not only our needs, but with our desires as well.
I love you, sweet friend! Thank you for sharing this today! May your rides be long and glorious, and oh so often!

Julie said...

How wonderful Kimmie!!

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