Mar 9, 2010

Friendship, Blogs and Blankets

My sweet friend Tammy, at Garden Glimpses, sent me a wonderful surprise in the mail. 

 A few weeks prior she asked me what my *favorite colours* were. A rather strange question I thought, but I gladly said, "Cobalt blue and black."  A short time later, a large parcel arrived in the mailbox!

When I opened that box, let me just tell you tears of joy ran free.  Enclosed was a love note from dear Tammy, saying she just wanted to do something for our adoption.  How blessed we are to have such a wonderful, kind and generous friend. She was such a huge supporter of our last adoption to Ethiopia too...the girl has the gift of encouragement down something serious!

 Who would ever think that blogging could lead to such beautiful and real relationships. 

We read the long love letter, honestly both my Knight and I were crying.  Tammy told us we could sell the gift at our fund-raiser, if we wanted. 

I couldn't part with such a gift from the heart.  A gift that surely was stitched with much love and prayer.  The first gift sent for her.  Sent from a precious blogging friend. 

We quickly put it on her new you can see we are lovers of blankets.  Each of my children has their special ones that they sleep with (see if you can spy the stacks on the lower bunk).  Our Ethiopian Princess didn't have any yet.  I had looked, but couldn't find anything that seemed right.  Why?  Well, because God put it on Tammy's heart to make one;  piece by piece with love.

Can't wait to have her crawl into bed with it.  Thank you Tammy, we love it and we love you too!

Tammy's beautiful handmade quilt!


Renata said...

Oh Kimmie
What a beautiful gift! Something that Simenesh (hard to believe I get to type her name !!!YAY!!!)
will treasure. What a lovely friend you have. I know I am truely grateful for the friendships I have made through blogging as well.
Love to you
Renata :)

Saminda said...

Wow, SO beautiful!! Oh to be that clever. :) She is a very special friend to make such a lovely gift for your new daughter. It will be lovely to see photos of Simenesh surrounded by her new family and home.

And yes, I too am overwhelmed at times with the friendships I have made through blogging! xo

Kathy C. said...

Wow. That is beautiful. I love all the blues.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift for such a precious sweet girl.


(my word verification is Bless)

Bob said...

Hi Kimmie, that is really nice both in thought and design. Bob

SinginginHisName said...

Oh how sweet! I love hand made gifts! Her quilt is beautiful! praying for you Kimmie and your little girl and your family.

mom said...

Ohhhh! :::sniff sniff::: It's so nice to see it in its new home waiting for Simenesh to come home! I've been blessed because you've been blessed! {{{{{Kimmie}}}}}

Love you!
Tammy ~@~

andrea said...

how thoughtful! and oh, so beautiful! you have such an incredible support network behind you!!! praying for you as you wait!

Katie said...

What a cheery bedroom... I love it. Perfect for your joyful, young daughters.

...beautiful blanket... aren't friends such remarkable gifts from God?!?!

Love always,
P.S. I emailed you about your pen-pal idea on my blog. Just wanted to make sure you received it!

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