Mar 10, 2010

Homemaking Skills Revisited

Things around here have been crazy busy lately. We are moving at top speed.  Well, we were and then we got slammed by some *germs!*

 We have moved bedrooms recently, as the additional bedroom space was finished. Our two biggest moved to the new space, thus freeing up their old room for the younger girls to occupy.  Princess Sunshine (11) and Princess Giggles (8) moved into their bigger sisters old room.  It needed a little revamping, as they are girly-girls and wanted it to reflect their love of dolls and such.

Suddenly we needed new curtains!  The old British flags, that adorned the big girls room vanished with their mass exodus to higher ground.

We began with prayer and then ran to our local thrift shops.  Savers (a huge thrift shop chain) was having a sale a few weeks back and I scooped up a quilt for Princess Sweetness' top bunk.  I happened to find matching curtains in a different aisle...personally, I believe in the power of prayer. The little girls at our house were thrilled, as they had butterflies on them.  I spent a total of $15 dollars on the lot of bedroom goods. The Mama was very happy.

A little scrub in the tub, a run through the dryer and they were ready for a rumba with the much neglected iron.  Sweet Princess Sunshine was happy to iron them to perfection. She is happy to have a relationship with that iron, so unlike her Mama. 

They are excited on being in a new room and getting it ready for her coming Ethiopian sister! The baby's new phrase is, " (New sister's name) come, come!"

Oh homemaking bliss!


Kathy C. said...

Are you going to post before and after pictures of the bedroom?

Saminda said...

How beautiful Kimmie!! I, like you, do not like my iron. :) It too is much neglected. :) xo

MommaMindy said...

The Bible says "you don't have because you don't ask." I love how you pray about everything! I know the Lord does, too, that's why He gave you the perfect matching linens!

Once I had a friend give me two matching comforters for my girls' room, but apologized because she didn't have the rest of the pieces. Another friend, out of the blue, offered me some shams and dust ruffles, but apologized because she didn't have the comforters. They were from the same set! Everytime I saw them it caused me to rejoice in the Lord. That's why He gives us good things, to bring forth praise and admiration for the God who answers prayer!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Love your story!!! I've had God give me similar sweet surprises--like finding the matching top AND bottoms for a much-needed pair of LL Bean Fleece PJ's for my daughter at two different places in the same thrift store--on the same day. God is good!

I've also learned to listen to His prompts when He sends me to the thrift store on a day I wouldn't have been planning to go! I find out "why" He sent me after I get in there. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Pricelessness!!!! I am so not friends with the iron. You go Princess Sunshine!

Bob said...

Hi Kimmie, Its always good to get a good deal and make use of something someone else didn't want. Its good to see someone willing to do the ironing for you too. By the way did you get the address ok? Bob.

mom said...

Oh, I love the butterfly quilt and curtains AND the fact you have a girl who loves to iron since I love to iron, too!

God is good!

Tammy ~@~

Christine said...

I bet! The room will turn out wonderful I am sure!

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