Apr 28, 2010

Adoption 2010 Ethiopia~Home... Let the Story Begin

Hi Friends and friends to be!
We are home.  I took a couple of days off from jumping back into the computer stuff to just work on simplicity and bonding here.

Our trip was amazing. God stretched us at times more than I thought I might be able to bear, but true to His word, He never gives you more than you are able to handle.  I left Ethiopia with a daughter who is more than we could have imagined and with a heart more broken and in love with Ethiopia and its people.

We love Celebrate Children InternationalSue Hedberg is not only the executive director, but she is adopted into our family (she gave me permission ;-) and forever into our hearts as a friend. I love her passion for the children, her heart is devoted to this call of God upon her life.  I miss her so much already. Amazing how God gives us the gift to love one another.

This is from our first moments with our Ethiopian Princess
(who ran and changed her outfit, typical girl, right? ;-)

Do you want to know more about her?

She is beautiful (you can see that right)?
She is tender hearted.
She is smart, smart, smart.
She is kind.
She is tall, but tiny.
(the clothes I bought fit (size 10 girls) but the pants are what we call high-waters.
Need to go shopping soon!)
She has a size 7 foot.
She is passionately in love with God.
She is thankful.
She is respectful.
She has excellent manners.
She is willing to try things that are new.
She is a people person and easily talks to anyone in two African languages: Oromiffa or Amharic (her second language).
She is affectionate (VERY!)
She is sweet.
She is thoughtful.
She is funny.
She chews with her mouth open.
She LOVES chocolate.
She doesn't like milk, juice or cheese.
She loves lamb.
She loves football (which is soccer to us.)
She is athletic.
She is tough- (she fell off her bike here, scuffed up her hands in the fall and didn't cry).
She is artistic. (pictures to come of her brothers in braids.)
She loves to sing-the girl is a worshiper.
She is a giggler and laughs easily and often.
She is SO generous...she gave away the things we bought her to bring home from her country.
(more on this to come).
AND she is ours and I am more than blessed.

She is perfect-God made her as an exact fit for my family.

God is so very, very good!

A few more pictures and then I am off to pray.  I am crushed for Ethiopia.  I am praying, as I did last year when shortly after our adoption when God asked me to make *orphan dolls* to send out into the world...as a wake up call for His Church.  This time, I am seeking His face again, but with a twist on: *How I can set up an orphan care ministry at my church? And how can I minister to Ethiopia better?*  Listening for His voice and what it is He is asking us (my family) to do.  Planning on 40 days of prayer.  My Knight and I need to work out the details, as we plan to take a day weekly to fast and pray for Ethiopia, adoptions, orphans and how God wants to use us.

More on that to come.

We covet your prayers for getting to know each other.  She speaks a tiny bit of English, and as you know we speak even less of her languages; but with God all things are possible.  Amen.


"Indescribable" said...

God's Blessings as you bond and as your daughter makes this transition to the next part of her life, honoring her country and learning new things about your family ever day!

I know you will always keep it real for her - that's who you are, I pray that your job as parents is seamless as your whole family embraces these new challenges as you raise up Ethiopia. I know what you mean when you say your crushed for Ethiopia - it's almost unreal how the poverty and way people live every day - sad, sad, sad.
Can't wait to see more!

Eve said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

mom said...

YAY! :::dancing with you::: What a tremendous answer to prayer. He who is faithful in little....well, looks like God is opening your heart up to much, Kimmie. Guess I have to keep praying for you, huh? :-)

Blessings upon your day as you continue to adjust,
Tammy ~@~

Saminda said...

Oh my goodness Kimmie, yay!!! She is home safe and sound! I have been desperately waiting for an update. She sure is beautiful. It was wonderful to read all those things about her, thank you. :) I will definitely show Saraya this post tomorrow. She has never forgotten to pray for Simenesh. And we will all keep praying for you guys in these early weeks. I can hear your tiredness, your desperation after all you have seen this past week. How I wish we lived nearby, Kimmie. :( I would come and make you tea, I would bring meals and help you out any way I could! Instead, I will pray. And do let us know if there is any more we can do, okay?

Love you so very much,
Saminda xo

Kristine said...

We serve am AMAZING God! SO happy for all of you. I will continue to keep you all in prayer.

SinginginHisName said...

yes its so amazing Gods plan and what He can do! I am so happy that she is home with all!!!!

Kathy C. said...

I'm glad she's home at last.

The B Family said...

Love all of the little details and information about Simenesh. What a beautiful girl--inside and out! So glad she's HOME! So happy for your family!

Sara said...

Rejoicing with you in God's faithfulness and goodness. He is ALWAYS good!

Hugs from the desert,

Leslie said...

Praise the Lord that she is safely in your home now. I will continue praying that your time of transition goes smoothly.

Stephanie said...

I am sitting here with tears pouring down my face. Reading your descriptions of her was wonderful! *Even chewing with her mouth open. :)*

And I too am broken for Ethiopia. We're going through our training for this next adoption right now and the memories of our trip have come flooding back in. Please let me know what your plans are and ANY way I can help!

Oh, and SO glad you're home. I missed you. :)

MoonDog said...

she is lovely! congratulations!

Andrea said...

So glad to hear you are all home and well. I will be praying for the Lord to guide you through His word. Thank you again for your posts, I love to hear how faithful the Lord is, it strengthens my faith, and encourages me to possibly step out in adoption as well....
The Lord God is a sun and a shield, the Lord will give grace and glory, and no good thing will He withold from those who walk uprightly...Psa 84:11

Stace said...

A MAY ZING! So glad that you made it home safely and 'disconnected' to the blogging world...even though we were waiting! ;) I love to watch God place children in the right families! Can't wait to learn about the transition! PRAYING FOR EVERYONE!

~Kim said...

Oh, so wonderful that she is home with all of you now! Thank you for sharing your story through your words and pictures. Rejoicing with you at God's beautiful gift of your daughter and how He brings families together so perfectly!

The Red Thread Kids: said...

You're home! Yay! Been checking back to see! She's beautiful. Its wonderful! Lol, so much to say right now that I can't even get it into words! Amazing, you can feel the joy and love in those words and pictures. I've been thinking of you guys will keep you in my prayers, and the orphan dolls too!


Brick Walker said...

Congratulations! God is so good! :)

Emily said...

So, so moved by this post. You are blessed. She is amazing.

Cari said...

YAY...so happy for the wonderful update...really looking forward to you sharing what God has laid on your heart! Welcome home family, welcome home!!!

Duckygirl said...

Yay!!! So glad you all are home together now! :O)


Lindsay-ann said...

Congratulations on your new family member. She sounds amazing and I am sure you are all enjoying welcoming her into your lovely family.
Love & prayers

HouseOfSmooches said...

Yippee!! So glad to hear that you are home. I've checked your blog dozens of times :) Can't wait to hear more and praying for your first few weeks of bonding as a family!

Expat Mom said...

Oh, I am so excited for you guys! I saw the photos that Bella posted and I could just imagine the intense feelings going on in those amazing hugs.

Your daughter is beautiful, just like the rest of your family. I'm sure she's going to fit in just fine and I can't wait to get to know her better through your blog.

Isabel said...

Oh Kimmy, this is SOOO AWESOME!!!! Simenesh sure IS very beautiful - and it seems just as much on the inside as in the outside!
What a JEWEL!!!

THANK YOU (on behalf of JESUS) for going WAY out of your way (in every respect) to give this precious child of God a loving, caring forever family!!!

Will be praying for the bonding - and also the rest of the finances to come through!

Do you know about www.147millionorphans.blogspot.com? They help people raise finances for adoption - have a look!

Much love from New Zealand,

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! I want to dance and sing and point and shout, "My God did that!!"
Much love,

Bob said...

Welcome home Kimmie, it is so nice to see Simenesh with you and enjoying life. Bob.

Renata said...

Oh Kimmie
Your new daughter is just beautiful. What an amazing blessing watching your journey has been for our whole family - we were all so excited to see the pictures that your daughter posted!!
Glad you are all back safe & sound.
Will continue to pray for adjustments to be easy.
Love to you
Renata :)

Diane said...

Oh Kimmie!!! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!! I look forward to hearing more details. Know that I am praying for your family!

Karen said...

So beautiful! May God give you courage and strength as you all continually serve Him. Congratulations!

Jenny said...

I'm sitting here sobbing with joy for you all. Praise God!!! I'm so happy for your new addition. ;) This beautiful girl has a mighty destiny in God..I can feel it. :)

Debbie said...

So happy for everyone. Thanks for sharing your joy with us. I'll keep you in my prayers :)

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh Kimmie. .
It is such an honour to have a little part in bringing your daughter home. I love your heart and your joy in obedience.
Blessings on you and congratulations on your new little girl.

Rebecca said...

Just awesome! You will work the language thing out. Love is the ultimate language that everyone understands. Nothing new you don't know. What an exciting time for your whole family!!

Robin said...


Marian said...

Welcome home! So happy for you.

Beth said...

AWESOME! Glad you guys are home safe with your little girl. I pray that the next few weeks go smoothly for you all. Congratulations!

Melody 2 said...

Congratulations on bringing your girl home safely!!! My heart is bursting in happiness for YOU ALL!!!!! You are truly living my dream...thanks for the inspiration of your life and story.

The Pastoor Family said...

So happy for you Kimmie and YES she IS beautiful...inside and out! I was brought to tears reading all that you have recently experienced. Many blessings on your family and prayers for you as you all go through these first few weeks of getting Simenesh settled in and everyone getting to know each other!

God is faithful and good!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Congratulations! Your daughter is drop-dead gorgeous! And I'm so glad she is finally home with you!

I know what you mean about the on-going burden about the children "left behind" and your chld's country of birth. We are currently going through that with Russia--just home from a short trip there to assisst some missionaries who have an open door into some orphanages to share Bible stories and do crafts with the children. Praying God helps us know how to proceed next. We have an open door to come back with a team for a week or so as soon as we can. . . God bless you as you seek His face, and thanks for sharing!

Amrita said...

Sim is one joyous girl

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