Apr 14, 2010

A Little More Popcorn Talk

Mentioning popcorn and it reminds me of God.  Kinda like, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.


Well, if you read a few posts back (the other popcorn post), you'd see we had a new 50 pound bag of popcorn.  It is our second bag.  The first bag was purchased a year ago from Sam's Wholesale Club, where I do most of our grocery shopping now. 

As I heaved the bag on to the conveyor belt that scooted it along to the cashier, the older man in front of me asked me what I was going to do with that much popcorn.  I told him I was the mother of 6 (then I was), and this was a great inexpensive snack. He looked at me and said he couldn't believe I had six children. (Bless his heart.)  Which of course led me into talking about God and our adoptions.
He smiled big and told me he had come from a family of eleven.  He told me that growing up was such a wonderful time with all of his siblings.  He then went as far as to bless me, literally.

Now, I don't believe in coincidences-I do believe in God.  Shortly before my *popcorn God chat* with this man, I had a chat with my Knight.  We talked about our family and our quiverful of children. Our quiverful is really a miracle, because as some of you know we battle years and years of infertility.  My heart's desire is  to have many children. Actually, it is the call on my life.  As we talked, I told my dashing Knight that I would love to have eleven children someday.  I asked him if he thought we ever could have eleven.  He said he thought God might lead us there in His perfect time.

Flashback to my conversation with the older man at Sam's Club.  He happened to come from a family with eleven children.  Happened, no not happened, only by the hand of God did his parents have eleven beautiful children.  And only by God's hand did he stand before me in that line and share this with me.

My heart received this with much joy.  It was almost if an angel had visited me.  To be honest, I often wondered afterwards if that man might have been an angel sent by God.  It wouldn't have been the first time He did.

In 5 days we will add our 8th child.  My infertile barren womb is dancing again at this.  And just so you are not surprised, I'd love eleven children...so hold on to your hats and let's see what God has for us! 

Ethiopian Princess we love you.  We can't wait to kiss your beautiful face and hold you.  We have cleared our lives back home as much as possible, as we want to just breath you in for the next year.  God has chosen you for us, how blessed and thankful we are!

And maybe now you will never think of popcorn the same either.


Kathy C. said...

Wow. Eleven? What a journey that will be. I have 8 when all is said and done but one is step who only lived with us off and on a couple of times. She's 26. The other seven are ages 19 down to the 4 year old twins. I thought there might be one more out there for us but I think this is it unless God specifically leads us to another child. I am 48 so not thinking baby.

Anonymous said...

And interesting that he said this to you while you were buying popcorn ~ which is one of the main elements in an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. hmmmmmm.
I wish we had more than the two we have. Would have loved to have more! My grandfather was one of eleven as well, and they were all raised by beautiful Christian parents. They all grew to love each other and support each other, and this was amidst what would be considered today as "poverty", however they were more rich than most families today ~ just in different ways. Most lived into their 90's!
God bless you and your open arms.

Renee said...

Tears here this morning. Just beautiful. We are so blessed to be called to this wonderful life.

I am so excited for you and for Simenesh!

Kristine said...


You bless my heart! I'm so excited for you. In less than a week you'll be hugging your little girl. My mom was one of 11. I love big families as well. God is amazing!

"Indescribable" said...

So happy to hear that you are so near to your next child! Can't wait to meet her! Hope your trip is wonderful!

Amrita said...

Our Act 2 comes in tiny almost weightless bags - never knew you could buy a 50 pound pack.

Saminda said...

Oh sweet Kimmie, how my heart understands yours! I love how you said that being the mother of lots of children is the call on your life. Mine too. Right now I am having a time of sorrow as Stuart doesn't feel the same way. Just leaning on God, believing that if I submit and trust and love on the 3 children we already have, God will deliver more children to me - if it is His will.

SO excited Simenesh will be home so soon!!!!!! xo

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