Apr 14, 2010

A Tip for our Marriages...

I have a new friend, her name is Patsy Stevens.  She has a wonderful website called, Garden of Praise.  We have been using her 10 Commandments coloring pages in our homeschool this year. Patsy's coloring pages are a fun way to help us solidify them in our hearts.  My kids remind me that we need to print off another.  We plan to make a book with them and use it to hide His Word in our hearts. 

 Deeper and deeper into our hearts oh Lord!

Last week I discovered that Patsy has added an online Bible in Amharic to her site, full of children's Bible stories in our Ethiopian daughter's language!!!  I was fortunate enough to also make friends with the man Solomon who made these pages possible.  He is a teacher in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is a Christian!  Isn't God cool to hook me up with a friend in Addis.  Solomon has already offered to help me with Princess Sweetness and her education (yeah God!).  How Big is my God and how much does He love all of His children! 

And to think I was all worried about missing my homeschool convention, God has His own plans for my family, Praise God!  He cares about the tiniest of our needs.

But tonight as I poked around Patsy's terrific site some more, I came across some wonderful wisdom for our marriages.  Patsy isn't long winded, but hits the nail very firmly on the head when she teaches, Keys to a Successful Marriage. I agree wholeheartedly with all 15 of her keys. It is always good to ponder our marriages, even if things are going great. Some of us perhaps are struggling, let's gather our hearts together and believe God to speak healing into our marriages, as we think on Pat's keys.

 I am especially thankful to be able to give these keys to my daughters; who have already vowed to wait for God on who they will marry.  There will be no dating at our house.  And not just because the Mama and Papa say it isn't what is best, but because our girls (19 and 15) also think so too.  They came to this conclusion as they pressed into their Father's heart and looked into His love letter to them (the Bible).

To God be the Glory, great things He HAS done!


Julie said...

What a great site Kimmie. Thanks so much for the link.

the mother of this lot said...

What a lovely post Kimmie. It's all coming together!

Debbie said...

I love watching our God lead you on this journey he has set before you! Awesome!

Bob said...

If I don't get chance to see you again before you leave, have a good and safe journey Kimmie and I will look forward to your return with your new daughter. Bob.

Renata said...

Oh I can't wait to look into that link!
How amazing that those pages are there, just in time for Simenesh to come home - what a blessing.

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