Apr 11, 2010

Welcome to Prayer Request Sunday!

Welcome!  Would you like prayer?  Leave me your requests, I'd love to pray with you!

From my heart:

Bless my heart, I leave to go to Ethiopia in 8 days!
(Addis Ababa- we'll be staying at Grace Guest House)
   Princess Sweetness here we come!

This is a shot of the airport in Addis, from last January when we picked up Baby Mercy. This time we are flying United Emirates and will arrive in Addis in the morning (11 a.m.).

The Knight and I will have a 12 hour lay over the 19th in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai)
...quite the date night, huh?)


A picture from Ethiopia of Little Beauty last January (2009).
Wondering if my Knight will do the same with our 13 year old daughter?
(big smile)

Guess we will have to see!


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! EIGHT days?!?! So soon, mama!! I'm just SO very excited for you! Praying for you and your family this week as you make the final preparations!

mom said...

The time is passing oooohhhh so quickly, Kimmie! It's getting more exciting with each day!

{{{Kimmie}}} Praying all the last minute details fall into place....

Tammy ~@~

Dardi said...

So excited for your family, Kimmie! Please pray that we get embassy confirmation this week so we can start making our travel plans, too!

Blessings on your journey ~ Dardi

Kathryn Lewis said...

Just came across your blog and so excited! We are just starting our process with AGCI to bring our baby boy home from Ethiopia. Really looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Prayer request would be to allow all of our pre-app. documentation to be complete and oked so we can get started on our dossier! Also, for our first fundraising efforts to be successful. Do you have any suggestions? Looks like yall been so blessed with how much people have given to you =) Praise God! We will be setting up our Just Love Coffee store this week!

Renee said...

SO EXCITED for you!!!!

I loved Addis. I can't wait until Simenesh is in your arms.!

Amrita said...

Wishing you God 's best

Renata said...

8 days!! Wow - that is so exciting. We've been continuing to pray for you guys as we knew the date is coming up very quickly.
Looking forward to seeing your "first meeting" pics with your precious girl.

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