May 3, 2010

40 Days of Prayer for Orphan Care...Begins today!

I am going to post this, in case any of you feel led to join me in daring to jump into what God would have for us in putting James 1:27 into action.  I don't know if He is asking me/us just to pray, or if there is a bigger picture, my eyes don't quite know the whole vision God is sharing yet.  Today, we will begin with Day One of the prayer guide (see bottom link to 40 days of prayer).

 However, I will tell you that the passion and fire within has led me to a new level of prayer and to the point where I can feel God growing me in a new level of brokenness for the fatherless.  A few days ago I experience something in the physical that felt like *growing pains* that I had as a child.  I asked God if it was that I was just so tired from the adoption trip to Ethiopia and back...

He said, "No, it isn't jet lag, it is MY Spirit.  I am growing you to a new level of love.  Follow me." 

So I invite you to also to follow Him with abandonment like you have never yet known. Let us never be the same again!

When I got home from Ethiopia last week, I began to pray about what He'd have me to do now.  He spoke to my heart about praying for orphan care.  He then led me to Pastor Rick Warren's site, as I had no idea of how to begin with such things.  I am enclosing a link.  Feel free to join us, click on each page to print it off from this site.  We will also add a day of fasting (for my family it will be Tuesdays) which we will be introducing *fasting* to our children.  Our Children will participate (any or all who are willing on that day) in a Daniel Fast.  My husband and I will do a full fast, which means abstaining from all food and drink for a day. Let me know if you need help, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I know there isn't a lot of time to think on this...but as this is a move of the Spirit, sometimes we have to be willing to move in the *suddenlies* of God.

I will also link to the main site page for more help and resources for you as you seek God's hand and heart in this!


Leslie said...

Kimmie, I am honored to commit 40 days of prayer with you and your family.

Mrs. MK said...

I will be praying and fasting along with you.

Praying for all of your family!!

Katie said...


What Providence! My church is having a church-wide week of fasting and prayer this week. I had already written your family, Ethiopia, and your future adoptions *wink* down on my list of things to be praying about. I can't wait to see what God will do during this time! Please be praying for me also and that the Holy Spirit would direct me in things I'm seeking God's guidance on.

Much love,
Katie :)

Bird's Words said...

ABSOLUTELY! I will be doing this. GOnna post it on my blog later..
I love love love seeing sweet Siminesh with you all! So happy for you~
much love....

Eve said...

Thank you Kimmie, I've printed out the 40 Day Prayer Guide for Orphan Care, and will participating. This is such an important issue to always bring before our God.

Renata said...

I know I'm a couple of days late, but I've now printed off the link & will join you in praying - going to put that with my bible.
Thanks for sharing this.
Renata :)

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