May 3, 2010

Adoption~ Meeting in Ethiopia

The Welcoming Committee!  

A donkey and two street dogs... and yes, the donkey is just walking about with nobody overseeing him.  (so tempting for me, as I love donkeys...I'd love to bring him home too!)

A map that shows the children where they will be going in the United States, when they are adopted.  The Transition House is a preparation home the children who have passed the *court* stage move to when their travel time is approaching. It is about a 20 minute ride from Grace Guest House (which we love, love, loved and highly recommend).

Shortly after our arrival in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia-we dropped our luggage off at Grace Guest House and then headed out to Celebrate Children International's Transition House to meet our new daughter, Princess Sweetness.
We were fortunate to be traveling with the director of the agency, Sue Hedberg, so she was hand in hand with us for this God adventure.

Our emotions were on edge, we were so eager to hold our new daughter and begin the bonding process with her.

The New Family...well plus one wee one who wanted to be held.

The girl responsible for the oversight of the Transition House, Hewitt.  A lovely young woman with a heart filled with love for these children who have had so little.  She helps over the few weeks she has them to prepare them for the transition from orphan to family; no small undertaking to bear.

Our girl on her bed.

Another woman who works caring for the children at the Transition House. 

Another caretaker (maybe I can find out the names of these precious ladies in the moment somehow we didn't write them all down.)

Ethiopians are such loving people, another caretaker of our daughter.

There were children ranging from infant to 16 years old, I'd guess about 20 waiting children being prepared for their coming families.  Sue was in Ethiopia to escort a little baby girl home, what a precious bundle to deliver to her expectant family.

You better believe that I held and kissed as many of the children who were there.  How could I not they are all so beautiful and so eager to receive love. 

The water tank on the roof of the Transition House.  Water is often hard to come by in Ethiopia, especially in the non-raining months of the year.

Oh how we love Ethiopia and its people.  We will continue to pray for Ethiopia and for adoptions, how can we not, God has taken His finger and written them on our hearts.

From Home:

Things are going well, with a few moments of struggle.
 Please keep us in prayer!


Anna said...

I love how proud Simenesh looks to be showing off her friends to you!

Stacy said...

Praying, beautiful Kimmie!

(((Love and hugs to you and yours!)))

Tari said...

I am praying for you and your family!

"Indescribable" said...

I'm praying!

Renata said...

I am still keeping you guys in my prayers during this time of adjustment. Thanks for sharing these pictures - they touch my heart.

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