May 27, 2010

Adoption of an Older Child

Popping in for a moment to share the latest here.  Actually, there is so much to share, but just haven't found the time to sit and post. 

If you have been paying attention to the tiny changes here (like the number 7 being added to the header) or the new pictures of the kids on the sidebar, then maybe you noticed
that Princess Sweetness did an age jump

A few days ago, she explained to us that in Woliso they make the older kids younger, so they will be adopted.  Really, a sad reflection on us I'd say.  The human reality makes me shake my head and cry out harder for the world's orphans.  What is with us that we think that a child older than (pick your number) is too hard to adopt?

So, though it isn't official on paper yet, we have made the jump from 10 years old to 13. (which at the beginning of this journey, up to meeting her we had thought was her true age.)

Does it matter to us?  Not one bit. Will it screw up our children's birth order?  According to God...nope.  This is the child who God picked for us.  The child who God spoke to us about and moved our hearts towards last September.  So she is not 10, but we knew that she probably wasn't.  So now, we will embrace 13 and move forward without a blink.  Why, because our God is faithful and we are in His hands. 

Funny, my heart has always said that a child is never too old to be adopted.  13 isn't too hard.  Honestly, I fell in love with a boy there who is 16 in reality (10 on papers)...I would have brought him home in a heart beat, if he hadn't already had a family.  God is moving me to a new place of confidence in Him-how good it is and how thankful I am to be called to this life of adoption. 

Oh, how we love our new daughter.  What a joy she is too us.  I will share more soon...I promise. 

Please keep it is moving all of us to new levels of His love and mercy.


mom said...

It is sad to hear that ages need to be adjusted to make the possible adoptions more appealing. But as you said, age wasn't a factor as God placed her on your heart from the start!

I think of you often and pray when you come to mind as you continue to adjust :-)

Tammy ~@~

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Kimmie, that makes Soooo much sense to me. Our adopted Dd is 10, and our bio Dd is 14, and I kept thinking to myself, "There is no way that Simensh looks 10--she looks much older! She looks like a young teen." So I'm glad you have that all figured out . . . and maybe it will help Simensh to be allowed to be the age she evidently knew she really was. . . . God bless you with strength for the journey and all the curve-balls.

Eve said...

Hi Kimmie, I too thought Simenesh looked a bit older than ten, but like you said, it doesn't matter to your family. I'm glad Simenesh was able to relate the truth to you with open honesty. Bless her. And it's a testiment to your parent, child relationship.

Can I ask, and I hope it's not rude, but do you know if it does happen a lot, that those adopting out Ethiopian children don't tell the full truth about the children, and if they are truly orphaned? What can one do to find out more?

Janet said...

Wow... I wasn't expecting to hear that. I knew that she is very beautiful and looks older than 10 but didn't think that she actually was.

Bless you Mama!!!


Jennifer said...

I am so happy to hear things are going well and you are all so happy! I've heard about fudging ages for kids to be adopted...I think it happens a lot, since there's really no formal birth records there.

Anonymous said...

I have adopted a younger child (4 years old) but truly have been fearful of adopting older children. I have been afraid that it might somehow harm my birth kids or that their baggage might be more than I could handle. Please pray for me and others like me to be willing to take the risk and to have wisdom to know if this is what God has for me.

Your story is beautiful and it encourages me.

MommaMindy said...

Everytime I saw her pictures, I thought of her as a teenager. I remember being shocked when you told me her age.

Praying that as more things unfold with her life's story, the Lord continues to give you theg grace, mercy and wisdom to handle it all for His glory and honor.

Tracy said...

How sad that agencies have to lie to have any hope of these children getting homes. Of course you love herm no matter her age, as I'm sure you would have had you known the truth from the start.

The language barrier must be getting easier for her to explain such things to you!

Tracy said...

So happy for precious Semenesh and your beautiful family that she is adjusting so well!! Still on trying to determine the best ages for our little ones. :))

Debbie said...

"Please keep it is moving all of us to new levels of His love and mercy." I love that! We are facing some challenges that will definitely require new levels of His love and mercy. What a blessing to know the one who is able!

Christy O said...

Hugs to you! We have eight children, five adopted from Ethiopia over two years, and of the five, three of them had to have their birthdates adjusted. They could clearly tell us how old they were and when their birthdays were, and the dentist agreed with what they said for ages, so we changed things when we did our readoption here is WI. It wasn't such a big deal for the two where it was dropped down by a year, but for our son who was 13 when he came home, but 10 on paper, well, it is huge. All our kiddos were adopted at between 8 and 13 and have done wonderfully. Girls adjust differently than boys, but it is all good. All our kids are now between 10 and 15.

Kimmie said...


Just so we are was NOT the agency who chose the birthdate. Actually our agency did nothing but question that she was 10- they clearly told us they doubted it.

They aren't thinking it is a lie, they are thinking they are helping them to get a family. Which in many ways I agree. Adopted is always better than not. So if this is how they are forced to do it (they have the experience), then sadly it is the way.

I stick by my guns saying age makes no difference...follow God and you will (all) be blessed.


Lauren said...

you have such a great and God honoring perspective! Praise God for people just like YOU! : ) Praying for your family and your new daughter! :)

Saminda said...

Amazing to hear this Kimmie. Makes sense though - she seems much more 13 then 10! So nice to hear the positiveness in your voice here..... I've been praying Kimmie! You are wonderful. :D xoxoxoxo

Spirit of Adoption said...

Amen, sweet, sister!! God knew, He chose her for your family, and it's GOOD!!! : ) Praying for you all right now!!!

Amie said...

How was Simensh able to tell you all of this? Is her English improving that quickly??

I gotta tell you--your faith is so inspiring. So glad you write about it.

Eve said...

Thank you Kimmie for answering my question, and for your letter. :D

Kimmie said...

Hi Aime;

Funny you should mention our *language* thing. Actually you aren't the first person to ask me how I am understanding...

Yes, she is improving, but I have to give God credit...He has given me the ability to understand in times when I should NOT be able to ...but that of course is MY GOD!
(I hope and pray He is yours too!)


Alice Waarvik said...

Thank you! I linked to this post in my blog if you'd like to read what this means to me and my family.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you have found out Simenesh's real age. And I'm glad she has a Mom now, as I think young teenage girls need all the loving they can get. My own sweet daughter is 13 and she is a delight. I was just thinking, if Simenesh, would like an overseas penpal to help with her English, perhaps my Emma could write to her or email her. Please email me privately if you are interested.

hugs and God bless,


Adina said...

I hope Guatemala finds a way to get the adoption process figured out while we are here. They have so many corrupt political structures inhibiting children with real needs NOW! It's very sad.

I appreciate your joyful, blessed approach to life. Thanks for sharing!

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