May 17, 2010

Ethiopia~ Adoption ~Shopping (buna/coffee)

Our new friend Elias-our Ethiopian driver through Celebrate Children International.  A sweet man, with a heart of pure gold.  We enjoyed driving about with him and having him share his knowledge and love of Ethiopia with us.  I will always remember his belly laugh, when I told him that Ethiopian buna (coffee) is the very best in the world.  Without a doubt he agreed.

 We invited him to come visit us in the states, as he has never left Ethiopia, but perhaps this is Ethiopia is such a beautiful country.  Our home is your home, Elias, if ever you want to venture out of your beautiful country.  Elias is expecting his second child soon.  Oh how we love this man of God!

Might I add, his smile begins in his big beautiful Ethiopian heart.

Our chariot awaits!
Elias is ready to take us about Addis Ababa to buy some Ethiopian things for our new girl and our home.

The sign of the coffee shop (taken from the inside of the people packed shop).  Wish you could smell the bunna.  Heaven, pure heaven!

Like I needed any encouragement to drink more coffee.  Strong and black with sugar is how I drank it home with milk and no sugar.  But how wonderful it was and how we could have sat or stood there all day.  And to see our Elias smile from the inside out as we praised his buna...priceless.

Equipment galore!

Elias helps my Knight buy oodles of coffee bags to bring home. We learned last time...stock up, as this stuff is wonderful and so inexpensive in Ethiopia.  It cost us about $2 for a one pound bag.

The coffee beans

Our Ethiopian Beauty, who also was giddy with her shopping day adventure.  She set about serving others their coffee as her Papa waited in line for coffee.  Everyone in Ethiopia is so warm and friendly.  Oh how I love Ethiopia.

God says I will go back "in a time."  Hopefully it won't be too long.  And MAYBE it will be to bring more of our family home. 

Update on the home front:

I want to clear up any confusion I may have left you with in the last post.  I am experiencing both highs and lows in our transition with our girl.  We love her so very much.  God is guiding our every step and there is no fear where perfect Love is.  Though I am human and sometimes let fear enter in.  Fear is not of God, and never will be.  Fear is sent by our adversary, the devil, to try to keep us from walking in the fullness of God's joy and will. 

We are trusting Him for wisdom in what we do and how we do it.  I don't want to paint a negative picture of our daughter, or of adoption.  There is nothing negative, just bumps in the road .  God will smooth our bumps and my fears; as I submit it all into His loving caring hands.

We continue to press on and listen for His still small voice to guide the way.  We delight in walking this path He has chosen for us and are so grateful for Him blessing us with her.

We continue to share our life with transparency, hoping it will encourage you and lead you deeper in your faith and walk with Him. 


Martie said...

So exciting to see how God has opened these doors to you. I continue to pray for you during this time of transition. What an encouragement to me you have been as you tell the story of adoption. God is so good. Thanks for opening your heart to us - and letting us witness and see His working in your life and family.

Blessings to you my friend,

SinginginHisName said...

Yes it is so exciting how the Lord is leading you all and yes that you have opened your doors to Simesh and others in need! I am praying for you all kimmie! God bless!

The Niedermeyers said...

I did not bring coffee home. Couldn't find roasted beans! Only powder. Next time....

BTW, I love transparency! Thanks for being that.

Debbie said...

I think it's wonderful that you are willing to be transparent about your walk with the Lord, especially the bumps. If we only share the easy times how will others learn to seek refuge and strength from him during their difficult times?

Angel said...

Kimmie - thinking about you often and praying for you and your family!!

Many blessings,

Julie said...

Our 11 year old son came home from Ethiopia loving coffee. It is so cute to watch him and Levi have a cup here in the states.

Thank you for you transparency. Adoptive families need to be honest so others can completely understand the highs and lows. Yes, we love our children, however, there are challenges in bringing home an older child. It doesn't mean we don't love them with all our heart.


ladyscott said...

I've never adopted nor experienced adoption or foster care in any way (except a dog and I know some peopel consider it offensive to call it "adoption" of an animal), but even I understand that there must be difficulties and transitional periods in such circumstances. While the Lord is dealing with you, I'm sure He's dealing with her as well.

I'd rather read reality than fluffed up "everything is beautiful." You are brave and generous to share this experience with your readers. It is a ministry. Thank you.

mom said...

{{{Kimmie}}} There are "bumps" whenever we bring a child home! Be kind to yourself during this transition time and continue to trust the Lord as you have been!

Tammy ~@~

Renata said...

What great pictures - it's wonderful seeing another part of the world!
I've been continueing to pray for you guys & Siminesh whenever I pray for the orphans each morning.
Love to you

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