May 19, 2010

A God Story; A Faith Builder

I had a free hour on Sunday after church got out.  I decided to go to our local Saver's (a huge thrift shop, clean, organized and did I say HUGE?) to see if I could find a new sundress for summer.  It has been a while since I have shopped for me, so this was a treat.

I had popped in on Thursday for a few minutes, but I had the baby and didn't have enough time before picking the kids up from their Bible club to try anything on. I was, all alone with a few dollars screaming spend me ;-)  I remembered there was a long white skirt that I had liked, but as I looked through the row it had been in, I discovered it was gone.  I headed for the dresses, as I browsed the Holy Spirit said,"Your skirt is by the dressing room, hanging on a return rack."
I kept shopping.  I almost forgot about the skirt, but then I rounded the corner to the dressing rooms with an arm load of sundresses in tow.  There was the white skirt. I laughed out loud.


God had saved it for me.  It was brand new and fit perfectly.  The other dresses didn't. 

I am always amazed when I hear God's voice.  This time, I wonder if I doubted that it was I didn't rush over to the rack to grab my skirt.  Perhaps, it was because I knew it would be there waiting? 

In any regards, God speaks.  He speaks to His children and blesses them as they seek His face.
As you know, I am living in constant prayer as of late.  Believing He is listening and ready to move into action on our behalf.


Janet said...

That is very pretty!

Our Daddy loves His girls, doesn't He?

Blessings to you this day!


Julie said...

I love it when God speaks to us like that. Love the skirt! Our heavenly father has good taste!!!

Eve said...

That's a very pretty dress, would go great with a white ponytail scarf or white earrings. :D Really nice being led like that.

Saminda said...

Yay God!!!! :D

MommaMindy said...

Of course, I love the skirt, but more than that, I love that you are close enough to the Lord to hear His voice. John heard His voice because he was leaning on the Lord's breast. When Peter didn't hear, it was because he was following afar. Thanking the Lord for your faithful testimony today.

mom said...

Oh, Kimmie, are you sure we should be friends? I think we may be complete opposites! I have a white skirt, too, but rarely wear it because I am indeed klutzy and dearly afraid of spilling something on that flowing white. So, I'll think of you each time I see that skirt in my closet and it will remind me of how our Father takes such good care of us blessing us with our heart's desires :-)

Tammy ~@~

Steve Finnell said...

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Renata said...

What a beautiful skirt & what a blessing it truely is!
Perfect for summer! (I was in an op shop on Fri looking for a winter jacket! - sadly I didn't find exactly what I wanted - I'll have to keep looking!)
Have a lovely day

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