May 14, 2010

Need a Great Book to Read?

I've never done this before, but guess there is a time for everything under heaven, right?

I am highly recommending this book.  It is a good read, especially if this list I throw at you speaks to your heart:

You want to know what God is up to in this world today

You desire to follow Him

You want to be a world changer

 You want the gospel to go into all the world and change lives for God's Kingdom

 You are a Believer or are curious as to what this life of a Christian is supposed to look like

You have children or are thinking about having children

You would like to be in action where God is

You desire to do more with your life

You wish to help others

You want to raise children to serve Him

You don't want to be a typical selfish American

You want to help those who are hurting

You care about putting James 1:27 to action (helping widows and orphans)

You are thinking about adopting

You want to see the lonely (orphans) in godly families

You are sick and tired of the same old, same old

You know your children (and yourself) have a bigger purpose in life than you are currently walking in

You are plain old hungry for more of God

You want your family to be arrows in the Hand of God

You want to love others in a deeper more meaningful way

You are curious about what this book might say to you....

1 comment:

Lauren said...

i finished that book about 2 days after it came in the mail... i couldn't put it down!!!! truly incredible and such a blessing!! i feel even more prepared to be a mom after reading it!

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