May 25, 2010

One Million my life

I have already written several posts on One Million Arrows, but just wanted to add that this is a must buy

Really, you are saying

 Well, let me just say that as the book unfolded, sharing stories of  God's vision of raising children as arrows, of reaching out to the lonely and poor, as a wake up call to the Church to jump into the river that God is moving in, as an outcry for the orphan...I found myself again crying out to God to use my life.  Through the words that Julie used, I found myself in tears, surrendering myself, my family, my home, all that I have into His hands. I am asking Him to come and use our lives for His purposes.  It's been a long time since I've read a book that stirred my heart like this. 

Honestly, it was the book I had been praying for; as I was sick of buying a book only to have it be a watered down version of something I had already read. Not true of One Million Arrows! I thank God for this book, for Julie, for her gift of words and how it will ripple into our lives as Believer's. 

He had given me the passion, Julie's book stirred it and enlarged it in my life. 


here's a little bit more of what One Million Arrow's is about:

Will the world change our children...or will our children change the world? Time is short and lives are at stake. Right now, God is inviting our families to become part of a bigger story—a vision that will engage hearts to make a radical difference. One Million Arrows is an inspirational call to raise our kids to impact their culture, community, and world for Christ. If we want our kids to discover their purpose, if we want them to live with passion for the Kingdom, if we want our family to go down in His-Story, accept the mission...and leave a mark for eternity.


Janet said...

Thank you for that! I do plan on getting this book to read this summer.

I haven't read a great book in a while. I haven't even been inspired to read a book because I wanted a GREAT book. Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend gave me a book that is turning out to be great in my eyes.

It's called Supernatural Childbirth. I love it. Not only is it opening my eyes about childbirth and conception, but I can apply the faith lessons in many other areas.

I'll be writing about the lessons learned on my blog.



Lauren said...

I absolutely love this book! I read it in 2 days because I could not put it down!!! I can't wait to write my review later on this week! :)

Amie said...

Did you ever get the chance to read the Purpose Driven Life? It's next on my to-read list and was just wondering what you thought about it. :)

Kimmie said...

Hi Amie!

I did read it, I enjoyed it but it didn't effect my life like this book has.

The only other book that has been life changing for me (besides the Bible!) ...over the past few years is, The Prayer of Jabez. After reading it, praying it and believing radically changed my walk with God. It remains a favorite.

Life is too short to waste, I want to live radically for God!


Greta Jo said...

Ya that's funny! I am really struggling with what to do....
Thanks for praying

Saminda said...

I've read it Kimmie, and loved it. :)

SewGlenda said...

Oh, Kimmie! I have spent the better part of an hour lost in your blog! What a blessing it has been for me this morning! I will be praying for your family.

Love, Glenda aka Sewglenda

Eve said...

This is definitely on my 'books to read' wishlist. Thank you Kimmie.

Janice Campbell said...

I'll definitely add this to my reading list.

Your comment about living radically for God reminded me of The Motions by Matthew West. It's thought-provoking.

Andrea said...

I'm looking forward to reading this book. My library has ordered it, and I'm first on the wait list to check it out!

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