May 6, 2010

Orphan Care.. Deeper into the Father's Heart

God's HEART for the ORPHAN

Today, ask the Lord to help your church congregation to FEEL His heart for the orphans as seen in

Psalm 68:5-6
"A Father (Abba-Papa-Daddy) to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His Holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families...."

This verse is about God's love, care and deep concern for those who are fatherless (orphans, those without one or more parent.)  It says, (be still my HEART) that He places the orphans (the lonely) in families! This means He is all about adoption. Oh that more Believers would ask if He want them to adopt!

A little word study:

definition of lonely: solitary, only, only one, dear one, precious one, the forsaken, the wretched. (Strong's Dictionary H3173).

definition of orphan: A child who is bereaved of father or mother or of both. (from the Noah Webster
1828 Dictionary).

definition of set: to dwell, have one's abode,to cause to abide, set,, to cause to dwell, to set, place. ( from Strong's H3427- yashab).


This clearly means that God's intention is for orphans to not be in orphanages (this is not a family!!) He desires that these cast offs, these fatherless ~are dear and precious to Him (as if they were the only ones before His eyes and very dear to Him)...He places and sets them into willing families! Oh God, please hear our prayer and move your Church. Change Believer's hearts about adoption, make them aware of your command to care for your orphans. Oh Lord that we would see You move in our own churches, that you would SET orphans into families in our church.

Oh Lord, there is in excess of 147 MILLION orphans today in this world, how this must sadden your heart; knowing that You have commanded us to care for them and it is YOUR heart's desire to place them into families. Let the Believer's awaken and let these orphans be arrows in your hand.

Oh Father, let them become ours and let us wholeheartedly embark into training them to serve You. What a powerful testimony each of these precious children has, what a powerful tool in Your hand and what an army of 147 Million that can carry Your gospel into all of the world. Arise Oh God and hear our cry. Bring us into a new level of your Love and understanding.
 In Jesus' Name I pray. amen!

                                                             James 1:27 if you're curious what it says...


Bird's Words said...

amen. I'm praying fervently that GOd's people will rise up and give homes to these precious children!

Sunday said...


So glad the see you home safe and well with your beautiful daughter. I am praying for your transition. Thanks for your message on my blog today. So good to "hear your voice". :) I've missed chatting with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for the price to go down on adoptions. It is insane how expensive adoption is when you compare the cost now to the cost 15 years ago. Shameful! I think the Hollywood crowd adopting is good as far as the acceptance/normalcy of adoption, but terrible as far as it causing the costs to raise so drastically. I think that is what doubled, even tripled, the price!

Kimmie said...

Dear Anonymous;

Yes, adoptions can be expensive.

But, remember adoption through foster care here in the U.S. is vitually free. Our first adoption cost only $150 and our second was free, because it was a sibling group.

Glad you are praying about the cost...but maybe you'd consider foster to adopt now! Please let me know if you need any information!


Jenny said...

Praying for you all and Simenesh as you continue to adjust!! :)

P.S. Pray for us..we start foster care classes next week!!!!! :)

Jenny said...

wow, i just read the comments above mine..that is cheap! Whoot! :) We think eventually God will lead us to international adoptions as well but the domestic price is encouraging!! :)

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