Jun 12, 2010

Raising the Roof...Adoption and Friendship!

Has God ever led you down a path that was a total surprise? 

Has He ever led you down a road where at the end, you were doubly blessed-
though you were never expecting it?

When God called us to adopt an older child, we were rather surprised.  Honestly, I have been wanting a baby for many many years, after years of battling infertility. But my life is submitting fully into my Father's hands and I trust Him.  He knows better than I, who my children are and how to get me to them.

When Sue Hedberg first emailed me, about some children who she thought might be a match for our family, I had never heard of her or her agency.  Upon us *getting to know* each other, through emails, I explained to her how we would use her agency whether she was Christian or pagan-if this is where God told us our child was.  Remember, God can use whoever He wants to accomplish His purposes.  Imagine my surprise, when I learned she loved Jesus, that she was a former missionary and that she had a heart that was passionate about orphans and orphan care! A girl after my own heart a girl after God's own heart!

Sue and I both cried in those first few letters.  Why?  Because we are praying women.  We had both been fervently praying for God to move in our lives.  He heard our cries and hooked us up to His perfect plan. 

Sue had been praying for our Princess Sweetness for a while.  She knew she had been passed by many times already.  That she had been in the orphanage 5 years already. She knew older children are harder to find homes for.  She also knew Princess Sweetness wanted a Christian family. If we were not Christians, we wouldn't have been *the ones!*  Sue's tears were happy tears, as were mine!  I was getting a new daughter,(a Christian daughter-who is passionate about God...)  who I KNEW was mine, plus, plus...

God was giving me a friend- the kindred spirit kind of friend we all desire! 

I have loved Sue from the beginning of this Ethiopian adoption adventure.  She was such a blessing all along the waiting path to our journey to Ethiopia to our girl.

Another surprise God had for us, we traveled with Sue and stayed at Grace Guest House together!
Our time together was another blessing from God-and it allowed me to sure up the details of *adopting* Sue.  How grateful I am to Him!

This life I lead is not my own, it belongs to Him.  He leads me down paths of righteousness of His namesake.  He leads me beside still waters.  He restores my soul. 

Adoption and friendship were a huge part of this journey.  I am thankful to God for letting me open my heart to both.  I praise Him for His wonderful surprises and His unexpected blessings.

Here's to adoption and friendship rolled into one big rejoicing party!

Psalm 32:7,10,11 (The Message Bible)

God's my island hideaway,
keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas (praise) around my neck.

God-defiers are always in trouble;

God-affirmers find themselves loved
every time they turn around.

 Celebrate God.
Sing together—everyone!
All you honest hearts, raise the roof!


Eve said...

God bless Sue Hedberg and your wonderful family.

mom said...

Singing and rejoicing with you, Kimmie!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

I have been following for a little while and am amazed by your story. I've read as you discovered your daughters real age and how godly your perspective is. Have you always tried to maintain a birth order or have you adopted kids no matter where they fit in the family structure? I had always thought it was best to keep birth order in tact but your story makes me question that.

Kathy C. said...

I met Sue at the airport when our twins flew in from Haiti. She was a big help to me and provided emotional support even though we didn't adopt through CCI. She was there for all of us or us independents would have had no one.

Kimmie said...

Dear Godthinker ;-)and all...

I have never tried to maintain birth order. This is something that I have heard others say, though honestly I don't find it anywhere in the Bible. I think God is able to add whoever He wants, whenever He wants, at whatever age He wants...If we will only submit our lives into His hands.

Adoption is not just about what I'd like, honestly I'd have to say for all of our adoptions, I had to lay down my will for His. In hindsight, all of our adoptions where a perfect fit. Sometimes in the moment, I had to cry my way to saying, "Yes, Lord."

As a girl with infertility I have always wanted a tiny baby for adoption, but both my babies came near walking stage-His will and not my own-the others were all older, but never as old as Simenesh.

And about children who get put out of the age spot...I think we are supposed to teach our children the same that we are learning...dieing to self and submitting ourselves fully into His plan for our life. My children know and understand what it is like to be an orphan, most of them have been. And as to my one homemade- she knows the call on our lives (on all of our lives, not just me and Papa)- so whatever the age has always been fine-as God was the one leading and guiding all of us.

My children didn't even blink when God surprised us with 3 at once and we doubled in size. It just so happened that they fit right in to age slots without any one changing order...but honestly, we never thought about it. We only knew God said they were ours and we had to get them out of foster care and into our family forever.

Always questions patterns of this world my friend. Even question the experts, if what they are saying (or are selling) isn't lining up with the Word-reject it and embrace Him.

God wants orphans in families...He wants us to trust Him, He wants us to follow Him with abandonment. He loves older orphans too, not just the babies. He wants all of them to have families and doesn't need to only work within the limits of our existing ages.

If you don't believe me, ask HIM...

I am wondering if when Jesus was on the cross and said to his mother that this is your son...if that wasn't an adoption that didn't maintain birth order. ;-)(John 19:26-27 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, "Dear woman, here is your son," and to the disciple, "Here is your mother." From that time on, this disciple took her into his home. ;-)

And I am also reminded that God clearly tells us in Scripture that NOTHING (no thing or situation) is to hard for Him. No thing on this earth is impossible for Him (Luke 1:37)

hmm...perhaps this should be a post?


Bird's Words said...

you are wise, my friend, and a blessing to me indeed. Sue also holds a dear place in our hearts here, as we were blessed to travel with her as well when we picked up Ellie. What a blessing! Of course, I count you as one of the biggest blessings I've encountered on this adoption journey!

Saminda said...

Hooray!!!!! :D Finding a friend you just click with in this way is never easy, it has to be God ordained! I'm so happy for you Kimmie. :) xoxo

Renata said...

It is just wonderful that God gave you both a precious daughter & a beautiful friend. What a double blessing

Amy said...

I am with you- we feel SO BLESSED to have worked with Sue. Her heart is on fire for the orphans and are forever grateful for all that she did to bring our baby girl home. I wouldn't use anyone else but her if God sends us to Ethiopia again. Amy

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