Jun 21, 2010

Oh Vanity, Vanity!

Oh for the love of vanity...

As a child I had always longed for a vanity in my room.  Perhaps, it was from reading The Lonely Doll (by Dare Wright).  Little Edith did get into much trouble with the powder puff while Mr. Bear was away, but somehow it put a longing in my heart for one of my own!  I love girly things, don't you? 

How about you, which vanity type stirs longing in your heart?


Renata said...

I would also love a vanity - it is definitely very femenine! I love the pic of the white one you showed! Beautiful!
Hope you are keeping well
God bless

Amie said...

A friend of the family had given me one when i was a kid. My dad sanded off the ugly white paint, stained and varnished it. Unfortunately, the varnish was still sticky when he put it back together, and the drawers are always stuck lol.

mom said...

I grew up loving to go into my grandma's upstairs bedroom to sit at the vanity in that room and when she passed away I received that vanity and a matching dresser. It stayed in the girls room for many years until there really wasn't any room to keep it in there anymore. So, it's put away for now, but will come out another day. Maybe I'll put it in my room to sit at when I'm old and gray....

Tammy ~@~

Bird's Words said...

I remember having a kid plastic vanity with matching "Throne" (or so I felt when seated upon it) in my room as a child. I thought I was the bee's knees! I felt so special sitting in front of the fake mirror, putting on pretend makeup and fixing my hair for my prince (my daddy!)to come home.
Even now, I love the thought of it. To make myself feel that I have one, I sit on a step stool in front of my bathroom sink while putting on makeup and fixing my hair each morning before work. I think my family thinks I sit because I'm tired, but it's really the memory of my beloved vanity :)
so, are you saving pennies to get one of your own?

Kimmie said...


No...I am saving pennies for another adoption...we are in prayer.

My heart desires that our littlest (2-Ethiopian) has a sister close in age to grow up with. We are seeking God to hear if it is also His will...and where. Praying between Ethiopia (which we do not need a new dossier for...ours is still good) and an Christian Counseling center (Life Choices) in Tennesee-that does a few adoption every year (counsels and ministers the love of God to women who have unplanned or unwanted pregnancies). Life Choices does not let you choose boy or girl, so we would have to anticipate either...

Of course God can open up something else...or close the door entirely. Praying and hoping to hear from Him SOON! We covet your prayers!!


Shannon- said...

Thank you for the comment and the very special offer of prayer. In all honesty- I know my first step- I've been praying about it for a long time and the first step is to find a new church. I'm pretty sure everything else comes after that. So if you would pray for us to find a right fit for our family in a house of worship, that would be most appreciated.

ps- not sure how I found your blog, but I'm sure glad I did. I'm trying to go back a bit and get caught up!! Peace

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie,

We would call them dressing tables. A vanity is the cupboard you have in the bathroom. Isn't it funny how we use the same language so differently?

I like the white one in your picture, although the one I have is timber. Like most of my furniture it was a hand-down from my husband's grandparents.

I'll have to take a picture for my blog:-)


Expat Mom said...

I have to admit, I have never been a vanity type. My dream since forever was to have a rolltop desk. One with all the nooks and crannies to tuck things into. :)

Anita C. McCants said...

This brings back memories of when
my mom had a vanity. She would sit
at the vanity to style her hair.

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