Jul 11, 2010

Prayer Request Sunday!!

Prayer Request Sunday @ Over the Moon with Joy


it has been too long since I jumped back into taking your prayer requests, but as you know adopting a 13 year old isn't something you get to do everyday ;-)  I didn't feel like I had the energy (or the memory) to be able to commit to praying beyond our own family needs ...but now I am READY!
So let's go!!

Do you have a prayer need? 

I'd love to join you in praying for God to come and to minister His life into your situation.  Leave me a comment, with your prayer request and we can jump in believing for God to put His touch onto your life (or whatever situation you have.)

God is so good and so very, very, very faithful to His children.

If you don't know if you are a Christian, or if when you die you would go to heaven...email me and I will happily share how to enter into a real-ationship with God.  Being a Christian doesn't mean you go to church, or that you belong to a *religion* (which are manmade), but it means that you have been saved by Grace through the Life of Jesus. 

Praying for God to draw you closer to Himself this week and I am always waiting to hear that your prayers have been answered by Him~ So please do share with all of us!


Annie Chase said...

Could you pray for my friend Kimber. She's my age and her dad died last year today in a motorcycle accident.

Angel said...

Asking for continued prayer on our situation w/ our foster boys. Hope all is going well w/ you Kimmie! Thanks for all your prayers.

Amie said...

Hi Kimmie

We have been emailing back and forth, you prayed for me and my husband. Letting you know that over the weekend he agreed to get help! Praise God :)

Thank you for your help praying. Through Him we can do it all :)

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