Jul 18, 2010

So How's Your Passion?

Today's Prayer Request Sunday ...

My leaning for today, is to pray for your passion for God.  As I have spent time in the Word and in prayer this week, I had an overwhelming feeling to pray for more passion.  Would you like me to pray for you too?  Please leave me a comment, if you'd like to stand with me in believing God to up our passion for Him and His Kingdom. 

Hey and if you don't know God in an intimate and passionate way...today is the day my friend.  Drop me a line and we will pray to ask Jesus to wipe away all of your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior of your life.  Passion begins with a real relationship with Jesus.  It comes with the deposit of the Holy Spirit within us, upon our salvation.

... But,
but it needs to be fed, it needs to grow with time with Him.  If we want to hear His voice and hear his heartbeat, we need to press in harder. 

If you are with me in this, give me a shout out...let's press on and see God's hand working in our midst!!!


Renata said...

Amen Kimmie - I want to join you in asking for more passion - in fact I want to ask God what he wants me to be more passionate about.
Hope you have a lovely day

Anonymous said...


You got me on the path for passion for "my girl". I so appreciate your continued prayers on this. Also, I'd really like to know how you pray when you lead someone to Christ.

Teresa C.

Sophie said...

You are so passionate in your praying for others Kimmie, you inspire me. I'm so passionate about adopting more children, please pray for me that the Lord opens my husband's heart to the same passion.

Amie said...

Thanks to prayers from people all across the country (I love my online friends) my husband has finally agreed to see a doctor for his problems.

Although, turning towards God would bring him more relief than anything. If you're offering your prayers, please pray for him. :)

Glad to know you,


David and Sarah said...

Absolutely! More passion and more love! He is worthy!


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