Jul 20, 2010

This Mama Can Braid!

She was very happy to have me box braid her hair.  She said, "Good job Mama."

I still have much to learn.

Thankfully, she sits still, unlike her 2 year old Ethiopian sister. 

These were my very first attempt at cornrows (I think these are cornrows?)...boy was it tiring on my fingers.  It took me about an hour and a half to do her whole head...but pretty good considering I had only watched a couple of videos online on how to. 

Hopefully, I get better over time. 

 I have seen so many creative styles over at Happy Girl Hair- boy, is that Katie amazing with styles.  She is an inspiration for sure and if you haven't met her Ethiopian twin daughters; you are in for a treat! 

 I love gleaning information on the web...how blessed I am to live in such a time as this.  I can imagine if you adopted an African daughter 10 years ago, it was much harder to learn hair care for them.  Another reason to give thanks for today and the knowledge that God has given to man.

Of course I love her hair natural. I am still trying to convince Princess Sweetness, who continues to tell me that they took her to straighten it in Ethiopia and that this is much nicer.
 (Go figure, no food to eat,
but money to straighten the girls hair??)

  She will never convince me.


I will continue to tell her how beautiful she is just the way God made her and believe that she will start believing it herself. 

After all, it is the truth.


Stephanie said...

Great job! Got any tips to pass on to the rest of us? :)

Someone else recommended the Happy Girl Hair site and all of her video tutorials. Too bad my sound doesn't work on my computer... :(

Shonni said...

Yes, it is the truth!! i love playing with my African daughters hair and teaching them even now that they are beautiful the way the LORD has made them.

"Indescribable" said...

LOVE Happy Girl Hair!

I love the braids - nice box braids, Selam preferrs them the best.... and I LOVE the hair natural the best.

Selam is forever pulling her hair back into a low pony tail and I'm forever telling her to leave it out of the pony for once! heavy sign!

The Red Thread Kids: said...

She's gorgeous Kimmie! You can tell her I said so :)

So amazing the things God can do. Thanks for the prayers, we are still waiting. Hugs to all of you!

mom said...

Wonderful job, Kimmie! I can't imagine how hard it would be to braid. Goodness, I can't do a good French braid on the straight hair around here....just sayin' :-)

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

Simenesh is SO BEAUTIFUL any way she wears her hair! I have to say, like you, I am a bit partial to the natural too.


Expat Mom said...

So cool! I would never have the patience to sit and work on hair for that long . . . part of the reason I'm super happy I only have boys. :D

Is it my imagination or is Simenesh really filling out? All that home cooking is really good for her, she looks so happy and healthy!

I love her natural hair, too!

Amie said...

Her hair does look gorgeous natural. Volume!

Deborah said...

I enjoy visiting your blog and "visiting" with your happy family. May the Lord give you all the strength and ideas and love that you need today! What flows over touches many people, like me :)

Anna said...

Her cheeks are fuller and she is more beautiful than ever!! Are you going to make the big crossover to dreads? :) We've never once regretted them.

Kimmie said...

Yup, my girl is 7 pounds heavier than when she arrived 14 weeks ago.

Though, I must say we have been eating 90% Ethiopian food everyday...she has enjoyed her meals! She doesn't do dairy of any sort and honestly has just been to the Doctor for stomach trouble (things aren't moving and her tummy is hard like a rock by days end). We are trying to adjust to some more fiber (she doesn't like many veggies or fruit)...and hoping to not have to go for more medical help.

Anna...I don't know about dreads. Honestly, she keeps begging me to have her hair straightened.

I continue to tell her that it isn't good for her hair and that unless God changes my mind (which I am sure He won't) that natural is how we will be going ;-) as it is how He made her.

Anna...what made you choose dreads for Bella? Wondering what light went on to move you over?
**(ps-miss your blog dear friend!)


Anna said...

Kimmie, I never had any doubts about locking her hair--it was just a question of waiting til it was long enough to stay in two-strand twists long enough to get them started. She was almost three when we started them, I think.

The thing about them is they are SO low-maintenance. Bella washes them herself, they air-dry, they need no arranging, but on the other hand she can wear them up in a do or in a pony tail, or off her face with a scarf or headband. Very much like *straight hair*, ironically. Just have to keep up with the new growth (about every 2-3 months). Swimming, sweating, not a problem.

I blogged about getting started here (wow, she looks so young in these photos!):


Bird's Words said...

great job on the braids! I have finally learned myself, and find it to be a great bonding time! The hardest part for me is parting. Once I get going on the braids, it isn't so bad (time consuming, but not too bad). the parting, however, KILLS me!

Bobbie-Jo said...

She is beautiful. :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I had to make my blog private for a little while because of some issues we're having. But it's not forever. I'll be back blogging one day, I'm sure.

Renata said...

Well done on the braids - I remember when we were girls we used to love sitting around braiding each others hairs in lots of little braids like that!
Please tell Simenesh she is beautiful with her curls - in fact there are lots of girls who would LOVE to have such gorgeous curls (me included)!
Hope you have a lovely weekend
Thanks for the kind comment on my blog

aemi said...

She is so pretty with her hair out like that. Sorry, Anna, but I like curls better than dreads, even though they're more work!
Good job on learning how to style her hair.

beautifulkinksandcoils said...

Great job! Here's a cornrow tutorial on the traditional African technique: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyiDvVFOuns&feature=related

It's actually me braiding :)

Cathy said...

Georgeous. With braids and au natural.

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