Jul 26, 2010

Thrift Store Bounty

Princess Mercy and I had fun at our local Saver's Thrift Shop. 

I am always so thankful for how God provides for our ever growing family.  This particular thrift shop is enormous, organized and clean!  It isn't too far from our house and it is very convenient to our wholesale food club (where we grocery shop). My family just loves shopping here and every once in a while my girlfriends and I find time to sneak out together for a thrifting night together!  My, how fun it is when we all get going through the store in search of the perfect deal!

I have made many friends of the staff, who are always so helpful and kind to me and my crew. (they just love our baby!)  I have been planting *seeds* too!  Not only do they know about my faith, our adoptions, our homeschool, but they are beginning to learn about a God who loves them too!

Keep your eyes open, you might find yourself a great deal, you might have the opportunity to make a new friend and you might be able to share the Gospel.  Really. 

Off to swim lessons...hope you have a wonderful day!


Stace said...

Isn't it a HUGE blessing to train our children to be thrifty and wise??! I LOVE it that my kiddos love a good day of thrifing! They see just how far their spending money can go!
Congrats on your finds! Wish we had better local thrift store options. If we are in "serious thrifting mode" we have to go to the big city!

Eve said...

Such awesome prices! I couldn't believe my eyes, those dresses are so adorable! Everything you picked up,so nice. That's a great store to live close to :D Have a great week Kimmie!

MommaMindy said...

I can hardly wait to see how gorgeous these dresses are going to look on your little baby! She is adorable.

watalulu said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I found both of your blogs quite enjoyable. I forwarded the links to my cousin, whose daughter is smack dab in the middle of adopting a young Luke from Ethiopia.

Hope you day is wonderful.

Maggie Ann said...

I enjoyed your post and seeing your 'found treasures' was so enjoyable. Isn't it nice that the word 'joy' is tucked inside enjoyable. I like that. =)

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