Aug 4, 2010

Does God Ever Talk to You ...

...with notes of love?

I have a hard time not noticing God speaking to me.  I have to say my ear is always cocked to hear the Holy Spirit's voice.  So often God speaks to me through things in my everyday, most often He doesn't sign His name, but I always know it is Him.

Now, God might not have given you a cool heart shaped birthmark right in the middle of your forehead, but you know He loves you just as much as this sweet little calf. Actually, He loves you even more.  He loves you so much that He has a plan to woo you into His family.  Do you know about this plan of His to bring you close to Him, so close that you get to spend eternity together? 

The plan started with God sending His One and Only Son into to the world.  His Son's name is Jesus.  Jesus willingly paid the needed price to bring you into relationship with God. God is Holy (without sin) and because we are sinners we are separated from Him.  The price Jesus paid was by the shedding of His blood, the price meant death and pain for Jesus on the cross, but He willingly did it...


Because He loves you.  He always has and no matter what you do, He always will. 

Sin separates us from God.  But coming to God as He is wooing you to and telling Him, you know you fall short (we all do) because of sin, to a relationship to Him...but that you want to confess those wrong doings and invite Jesus to be your Lord and Savior; for the rest of your days.

He has your name written on His hands and on His heart...won't you bow your heart to Him today? 

 I am praying for you.  I can't wait to hear that you've been adopted by my heavenly Father...and that we are truly a family.

May you see Him wherever you turn and may His love for you flood over you today like never before.  I pray that He turns up everywhere you set yourself this week. 

Be blessed my friends, be blessed!



Dardi said...

This made me smile b/c just yesterday a very small bit of a song came to mind, but after googling the couple of lyrics I knew, I had nothing. So, I opted to listen to something else, & when it was finished, there was a list of suggested listening, & right there at the top was the one on my heart! It felt like a huge bear hug from my Dad!! :o)

mom said...

Your first paragraph made me smile sooo big, Kimmie! YES! God speaks to us in everyday things *if* we're willing to listen :-) Glad you're a good listener, my friend :-)

Tammy ~@~

Eve said...

Lovely post Kimmie, I yearn to hear more of the Father's voice.

His voice I hear in the reading of His Word, it's where I turn for answers. When I pray I believe I might impart my own thoughts into the answers, so I turn to the word.

I'm blessed each day to have more time in maturing in my Christian walk. This would mean not having to see a heart on my forehead to know that He loves me so.

Bird's Words said...

i love listening to my Abba! beautiful beautiful voice and even more beautiful words!

Janet said...

God does talk to me. I've not really heard Him lately like I should... :(

I want to pop in to let you know that I am doing a homeschool giveaway on my blog: !

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Tracy said...

Beautiful, beautiful sweet Kimmie!!

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